How can I return an order to Miami an order I placed by mistake?

If your order has not yet arrived to our warehouse in Miami, we suggest you first try cancelling your order through the vendor’s website by accessing your account.

If you are unable to cancel an order, we suggest you do the following:

1. Visit the online vendor’s site.
2. Log-in to your account and search for the order you wish to return.
3. Open a claim, or notify the seller you wish to return the item(s).
4. Ask the seller to send you a pre paid return label with tracking number.  Since we are a freight forwarder and do not have a mailbox to process the return of the merchandise from our warehouse, any carrier will require this from us.
5. If the store does not submit the return label with the tracking number, you will have to cover the shipping costs. In this case you must contact us via email explaining the case to or and requesting the price for the service.

Merchandise Return Label

Merchandise Return Label

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