Services and Rates

Whether a time-sensitive express package, or a heavy load shipped as cargo, count on us for the timely delivery of your packages.
Our air freight and package delivery services include:

Rate calculator

How much bring my package?



For packages of 0 to 70 pounds, this service comes within 24 to 48 hours** from US
Rate/Pound Weight
US$2.95 0-70 lbs


Air Cargo In packages of 71 pounds and more, this service reaches within 5 days**
Rate/Pound Weight
US$1.25 +71 lbs
Air Cargo Express In packages of 71 pounds and more, this service reaches within 48 hours**
Rate/Pound Weight
US$2.00 +71 lbs


This service meets the demand imposed by companies wich handle and transport heavy loads of cargo, of up to 350 pounds, providing the lowest cost per pound of our services. Main-Banner-Pre-Check
Rate/Pound Weight
US$0.45 351-500 pounds
US$0.40 501-1,000 pounds
US$0.35 1,001-2,000 pounds
US$0.30 2,001-10,000 pounds


Send or return items to the United States at a low cost.

RD $300/lb. and RD$ 200 from the second pound.

How do I return an item?

Before going to one of our terminals you should check the terms or policies of return of the store or supplier, specifically the amount of time to do it and the conditions of the shipment.

Certain suppliers request that the items be returned in the same package as they were sent.

To make a return you need to bring to one of our Terminals:

  • The item you want to return in the original packaging. If it is clothing, it can be in a bag or on an envelope. The shoes must be in their box.
  • Pre-paid return label with tracking number.
  • Name of the store or supplier, shipping address and telephone number.
  • Invoice of the article.
  • HAZMAT notification or label in the cases that apply.

The return service is available at the following terminals:

  • Piantini
  • Bella Vista
  • Arroyo Hondo
  • Bravo San Isidro
  • Santiago Los Jardines
  • San Francisco de Macorís


* Rate does not include ITBIS.
* Rate does not include Origin Fee.
* The insurance fee corresponds to 1.5% of the merchandise value to be returned.

This service is exclusive for packages with the prepaid label of return. After the client has processed the delivery of their package in an authorized terminal, the estimated time of arrival to the supplier is 15 calendar days.

The customer must ensure that the return label is valid for at least 15 days at the time of return. Otherwise, it may not arrive at the estimated times.

Estimated times are not a guarantee of delivery

Articles considered HAZMAT have restrictions for more information visit

Check the return policies of the following stores here:


If the volumetric weight exceeds the physical weight, the volumetric will be considered as the indicator for billing.

The volumetric weight for such purposes is calculated in inches in the following way: height x length x width between 138.

Example: If the package weighs 20 pounds, and measures 10.5 "inches wide, 11" tall, and 6" deep, the calculation of the volume weight would be as follows:(10.5x11x6)/138=5

As the package has a volume weight of 45 pounds, you will be paying for these instead of the 20.

Note: If the package exceeds the measurements 14'' x 13'' x 7'', the door-to-door shipping service must be used because it exceeds the volume allowed for the returns service. For more details go to the link:


  • On import services, all goods exceeding 70 volumetric pounds (width x length x height /138) will pay for the amount of resulting volumetric pounds and will be handled as ** Air Cargo Express.
  • We are not responsible for delays caused by international suppliers: airlines, shipping companies, carriers, supplier of the article.
  • We are not responsible for delays generated in the process of customs clearance. * These prices do not include ITBIS, DGA tax, fuel surcharge, insurance and airport fee. For a more accurate calculation, use our rate calculator. ** Delivery time on the terminals inside is 72 hours for parcel, airfreight 7 days and 12 days for sea cargo.
  • Local transport US$0.50/lb. Applies for some towns.
  • The minimum service to charge will always be equal to 1 pound. The published rate corresponds to one full pound, and in all cases the package weighs less than one pound (16 oz) the total value of the pound will be charged. Between 1 pound and 1 pound 7 ounces, one pound continues to be charged; however, from 1 pound and 8 ounces onwards 2 pounds are charged, and so on.

Mobile Apps

Download our mobile apps for iOS and Android for greater control of your packages.

Drive Thru

Our exclusive Drive Thru allows you to withdraw up to 5 packs from your vehicle, with a size equal to or less than the same window.

Aeropaq Delivery

We offer delivery in the Metropolitan Area, to your home door until 8:00 pm and in your office until 5:00 pm.

We Don't Charge By Volume

At Aeropaq, if your package weighs less than 70 pounds, you only pay the actual weight and none volumetric weight.

Immediate Notification

As soon as your package arrives at our offices in Miami, you will be notified via e-mail. Anothe e-mail will be sent as soon as the packages are available for pick-up at your previously selected terminal.