Sócrates Núñez

I recently bought a sweatshirt for my 10-year-old daughter and I want to tell you what happened to me, between 2020 and 2021, I placed more than 10 orders through Amazon and all with the same address and the merchandise always arrived and this sweatshirt for my daughter from 10 years it did not reach its destination, having seen in the tracker that it was delivered to the same address where the other merchandise had previously been sent to me and at the end of the Bravo San Isidro they tell me that they are not responsible for my order, I am outraged and I think report this incident on Social Networks and Pro-Consumidor, because I cannot understand how my order has been lost. Besides, you should have informed me in advance that this address was no longer working. | socrates_dejesus@bhdleon.com.do

Rosanna Montero

The latest deliveries have been a bad reference for the time and prestige of this company in the market. I left Domex Courier after a terrible experience and it has just happened to me twice. Assistance via email with delay and via telephone as if it were tiring you, you should better review your customer service policy, to stay in the market you need well-treated and well-treated clientele. | mrose25@gmail.com

Claudia Chez

Super agile in the process of receiving, processing and delivering packages. Very happy with the quality of your customer service. | c_chez@hotmail.com

Claudia Chez

Super agile in the process of receiving, processing and delivering packages. Very happy with the quality of your customer service. | c_chez@hotmail.com

Katia Castillo Daniel

I love the import service to the country, the packages arrive on time, however, regarding the weight of the packages these are scammers, since they do not round, where all the other couriers do, it can weigh 0.40 Pounds, and they already charge you a full pound for the package which is a scam as it is supposed to be priced per pound which is not real. | katiacastillod@gmail.com

Adalgisa puello

They keep sending me packages that do not correspond to me, please correct this, thank you | lisapuello@hotmail.com

Manuel antonio

I like their platform, the efficiency they have in the small road branch, mainly security, but they have changed the speed it had from Miami to, the delivery packages last from 2 to 3 days to be reflected in the locker, and one as a customer he does his analysis, thinking he would deliver it the next day. | antoniog.p@hotmail.com

Elisa Tactuk

The entire customer experience at Aeropaq is excellent, since it takes care of the details throughout the process, and even in the concern of having efficient and pleasant facilities. The human staff and their vocation of service and the process and available means of communication humanize the experience, making you feel cared for and supported. All this attention to detail undoubtedly makes the difference when it comes to receiving your expected packages and wishes. Aeropaq has no comparison with any company, this is a proud company with world quality, which can perfectly be exported.

Yanira Tapia

Excellent and fast service, with personalized attention🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼And constant innovation✌🏼

Rosaura Vásquez

With Aeropaq my packages arrive when I expect them and I always receive excellent service! They are very innovative and I love the recommendations of the stores with offers and the tips on how to buy online. Without a doubt, the bestCon Aeropaq


I have used Aeropaq for many years and I have never thought of changing … Excellent Service, responsible and super friendly!

Rosangela Stefan Graciano

Excellent client service. I am registered for home delivery, a success. My packages arrive in a timely manner and if I need a response, the customer service team always responds on time via WhatsApp. I recommend Aeropaq 100%.

Omar Irizarry

They have been years of service, however lately they have been neglected a lot, a shipment was supposedly delivered to the aeropaq miami address, there are no guilty or responsible … I lost the money and the product … they have sent me 3 emails, changing the delivery date of my package … it is almost impossible to communicate with them … apparently they already have many clients and they do not mind having more. You send them a complaint by mail and they don’t answer it. I am very upset with you and you can be sure, that this is my last package that arrives for you ….. THOSE WHO WANT TO CONTINUE WITH THESE PEOPLE, GOOD TRIP! …. UNTIL I ARRIVE HERE! | omaririzarry@hotmail.com

Cynthia Rosario

My 1ZR285650305969678 package came incomplete. I did not receive a Fleet Package: Anndason 6 Pieces Plastic PP Float Switch Fish Tank Liquid Water Level Sensor, Model: DP5200
They belong to my husband and when we checked the package we couldn’t find the fleets. It was to come along with a water pump.

Can you help me? My number is 809-264-4717 I attach the invoice.
| cynthiarosario60@yahoo.com

Laura Fernandez

After they receive the packages in Miami, lately they have been taking more than a week to deliver it! Some reason? | lp.fernandezmera@gmail.com

Carlos manuel felix gonzalez


Carlos Sosa

I generally have good experiences with you, but I had a package in Miami a week ago and it does not move I need that package here quickly so I ordered it with you.

I write and there are no answers. I call and they do not answer, what is happening with you?

My Ap is 007153 my branch is bella vista. | ca.sosa2010@gmail.com

Milagros pepen

Hello, I just registered and when I try to enter a message appears that verifies if my data is correct, pweo does not give me the option to review | milagrospepen21@gmail.com

Dennis cuello

The service has changed a lot, 24 hours a package released and it is not available. I’m going to find another provider. The package was received in Miami on Monday and today, Friday, I don’t know what happened. | denniscuello@hotmail.com

Dennis cuello

My complaint is that the Aeropaq platform always has a problem, with the mobile application there are some functions that are not available, such as pre and post checking, and trying to access from a computer is impossible. | denniscuello@hotmail.com