How does online shopping work?

1. Go to your favorite store, and fill your shopping cart with all the products you want to buy.
2. Click on “Check Out”
3. Fill out the “Shipping Address” section with your Aeropaq address, as follows:

Name: Your Name
Address Line 1: 8540 NW 66 ST.
Address Line 2: AP-XXXX (your assigned AP number)
City: Miami
State: FL
Zip Code: 33195-2698

4. Fill out the “Billing Address” section with the information as it appears on your credit card statement.
5. Fill out your credit card information in the next section: card number, CVV, etc., and the name of credit card holder as it appears on the card.
6. Click on “Place Order”…and that’s it!
7. Within a few days you will receive a notification that your shipment was received by us in Miami
8. From this previous point, your package will be available for pick-up within two business days.

Check the progress of your package(s). (Requires Login)

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What is the Tax Free / Tax Exemption Certificate in the USA?

Here we attach it… 🤩
Download it by clicking on this link:

Certificado de Tax Free Tax Exemption in USA – Aeropaq

Amazon and any other Supplier where the customer uses our Tax Exemption Certificate may change the Florida Tax Instant Refund or Non-Collection policy.

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What items or merchandise are considered HAZMAT?

According to IATA (International Airt Transport Association) the following items are within the HAZMAT category:

• Aerosol sprays
• Airbags
• Alcoholic beverages that contain a degree of alcohol equal to or greater than 70%
• Batteries
• Dry ice
• Explosives
• Gasoline

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What should I know before ordering a package with Amazon Prime Now?

Amazon Prime Now is an exclusive service for Amazon Prime members, users can download an application to order for fast delivery same day in certain zip codes.

However, this service is set to be delivered directly to the buyer; Therefore, it is important that when making a purchase with your Amazon Prime Now you indicate in your order that it may be received “Unattended ” , which means that anyone can receive it; and therefore, our representatives in Miami warehouse can receive it for you.

You allow us to do this by marking the option “Unattended Delivery ” in the part of your order where they ask when do you want to receive it.

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When should I retrieve (pick up) my packages at Aeropaq?

It is an obligation of the client to withdraw all packages available for pick up. If a certain package is to exceed a (2) months or a sixty (60) days,  starting from the day that the package arrives to our Miami facilities, the client loses all rights over the package, which will be destined to a public action hosted by the company.

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What does it mean when my package’s status says “in transit”, “customs”, “retained”, “available”, etc.?

Below, we provide a detailed description of all status updates a package may undergo from its reception in our Miami offices to its delivery in Santo Domingo.

MIAMI: Your package has been received at our Miami Offices.

MIAMI HAZMAT: Your package has been received at our Miami offices but it enters in the HAZMAT or dangerous goods Category so it can’t be imported to the Dominican Republic. In case of perfumes and cosmetics, we have the management of dangerous Goods Law that contemplates a tax payment for this concept.

MIAMI PESO VOLUMEN: Your package has been received at our Miami offices and applies to the weight-volume fee.

RETIRADO MIAMI: Your package has been removed from Miami according to your instructions.

FACTURADO PARA ENTREGA: Your package has been billed in Miami and will be delivered in Santo Domingo.

MIAMI SIN FACTURA: Your package has been received at our Miami offices without the supplier’s invoice.

EMPACADO: Your package has been wrapped up and it’s ready to be delivered to the airline so it can be transported to Santo Domingo.

EMBARCADO: Your package is now in the custody of the carrier and is in route to Santo Domingo.

TRÁNSITO: Your merchandise has been dispatched from Miami and is in route to Santo Domingo.

RETENIDO (Cat. C): Your package has been withheld by Customs and is in the tax verification process.

RETENIDO PARA PAGO DE IMPUESTOS: Your package has been withheld by Customs and it’s waiting for the taxes to be paid.

RETENIDO POR RUA: Your package has been withheld by Customs and it’s waiting for your Registro Único Aduanero (RUA) registration.

CHEQUE: Your package is withheld by Customs and we are waiting for your payment of the corresponding taxes.

LIBERADO: Your package has been released from Customs and it will be transferred to your terminal.

RETENIDO CANTIDAD COMERCIAL: Your package has more than 5 units of the same product, this amount is considered for commercial purposes, this means you’ll have to pay Customs taxes even if it doesn’t exceed US$200.

RETENIDO FRACCIONAMIENTO: It is understood by fractionating that two or more packages belong to the same client and have equal, similar and/or complementary characteristics; the sum of the invoices exceeds the US$200.

RETENIDO FORMA DE PAGO: During the clarifying process, the DGA has found that the market value of your merchandise exceeds the US$200 and/or the invoice inside the package proves it, which means it classifies for tax payment.

RETENIDO J2: The package received is or contains military equipment, communication radios or weapons. These articles need additional permits from the Ministry of Defense and/or Indotel.

RETENIDO RECURRENTE: During the clarifying process it has been identified that you’ve transported in several occasions this article, which means it could be classified as “Commercial Quantity”.

DIGITADO: The record documentations have been received. When the information is entered, it will be verified.

VUCE: The merchandise could not be released because the DGA ruled that for its dispatch a permit, that indicates the institution that gives the approval, is needed. Several institutions may need this permit, such as: Public Health, Ministry of Defense, Indical, Indotel, etc.). This can happen for both categories C and B.

DECOMISO: Your package has been confiscated.

PAQUETE CON FALTANTE: In the revision of you package the DGA determined that there are missing compared to the articles payed in the invoice and those received in the package.

DISPONIBLE: Your package is ready to pick up at your Terminal or Punto PAQ. If you are a Fixed Delivery customer, your package will be invoiced and prepared for the corresponding Delivery route.

FACTURADO: Your package has been billed.

RECOLECTADO: Your package has been collected for billing or relocation.

DELIVERY: Your package is in delivery route.

ENTREGADO: Your package has been delivered.

EN DELIVERY: Your package is on the selected Delivery route and will be delivered in the next few hours.

INTENTO ENTREGA: An attempt was made to deliver the package but could not be complete it.

ENTREGA RETRASADA: Logistical unforeseen events have occurred that will probably postpone the delivery date.

RETRASO LÍNEA AÉREA: The airline that transports your packages has delays.

FACTURA SOLICITADA: The invoice for your package is urgently required to present it to the DGA.

VERIFICADO: Your package has been verified and is awaiting the corresponding customs tax amounts to be paid.

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The USPS or another carrier marks my package as delivered, but the notification “received in Miami” has not arrived. Why?

If ever one of your packages has been transported by the USPS, you will have noticed a difference of days between when the mail marked your package as delivered and our notification of received in Miami. This happens because the USPS places this status at the time of dispatching the package of its warehouses, completing the delivery of the same up to 7 business days or more. If after this, you don’t see your package registered in your account, contact the supplier.

The USPS does not request signatures as proof of receipt of packages (such as FedEx, UPS or DHL), so it may be the case that it is delivered to an incorrect address, or redirected to its offices when they have tried to deliver at our Miami warehouse on non-business hours and completing the task the next day.

In this sense, it is important to remind you the working schedule of this office is from Monday to Friday from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.

For more information you can check this topic on the USPS website or by clicking on this link –> www.usps.com/help/missing-mail.htm

Other carriers:
Once the packages are received from the carrier, they enter into a one-by-one typing process, so it
can appear in your account during the day. If your package was received before 2:00 PM, you will
see it reflected in your account the same day. After 2:00 PM you will see it reflected the next day. If
after this time you do not see it registered in your account, please enter the carrier's tracking
number in the following link: https://aeropaq-online.iplus.com.do/lg-es/ut/Estatus.aspx?id=&S=.

If you see a WR, please write us to servicioalcliente@aeropaq.com, providing the WR that appeared
in the search and attaching the purchase invoice corresponding to the package. It could be that the
package is in our general account due to lack of information on the carrier's label.

If the search result does not generate a WR, you must contact the supplier.

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What is HAZMAT merchandise?

Hazmat or hazardous materials are items that contain flammable or poisonous ingredients that could endanger life or the environment if stored, shipped or handled incorrectly.

Air transportation of these hazardous materials may be prohibited or restricted.

To know if the item you are buying online falls into this category and may need a special packaging for its transportation, look for any of these terms or components in the description:

  • Acidic
  • Batteries
  • Caustic
  • Combustible communicable
  • Compressed gas
  • Corrosive
  • Explosive
  • Flammable
  • Infectious
  • Poison
  • Radioactive
  • Refrigerated
  • Toxic
  • Volatile

Certain of these terms may also give us a clue that an item may enter the category of hazardous materials.
Check the list and its description in this link: http://bit.ly/2u5F2Yn

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Can I make shipments from D.R. to other countries through Aeropaq ?

We ship via DHL, an internationally leading company engaged in providing courier service for documents and packages anywhere in the world.

DHL is located in more than 200 countries around the world, with a broad level of profession where every staff meets the company values. Speed, Power do , Right first and Passion are the values that define them to provide better service to customers.

If you want to perform the calculation of the estimated shipping of your order, you just have to access the link that takes them directly to the application of transit time and fees online DHL Capability Tool (DCT)
https://dct.dhl.com/. Once there , you must follow these simple steps , remembering that all transit times are subject to change it if retaining customs and uncontrollable incidents :

1 – Fill fields marked below for verification of this information:


2 – Place the postal code and the city to send.


3 – After completing the fields, press the button “Search” to see the service that applies to the requested destination, if package is necessary to mark the check of dutiable items, place commercial value, weight in pounds, inch volumetric and shipping arrangements.


In this tool you can find services, remote areas and delivery time in each country.

** DHL delivers to Cuba and Russia.

What can I not send?

Prohibidos por DHL

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How do I calculate volumetric weight?

Volumetric weight, or dimensional weight, is calculated by multiplying the package’s dimensions in inches (Height x Width x Depth), and the result is divided by 166.
The package’s Height/Width/Depth can be found in item’s description under the “Package dimensions” section:

In AEROPAQ, if a package weighs under 70 pounds, you will only pay for its weight in pounds, not its volumetric weight.

If a package weights 20 lbs., and measures 12″ in width, 15″ in height and 42″ in depth, the formula to calculate the items volumetric weight is as follows:

Since the package weights less than 70 pounds, you will only pay for 20 pounds instead of 46. However, if the package weights over 70 pounds, you will pay for the resulting volumetric weight.

For the shipment of the following items, its weight/volume is taking into consideration due to the nature of the physical space they occupy:

– Furniture
– Cradle
– Television set
– Baby stroller
– Crib
– Bumper
– Carpeting
– Vehicle upholstery
– Guitar
– Surf board
– Metal rods
– Tires
– Multination printer
– Stretchers
– Massage tables
– Sonogram equipment
– X-ray equipment
– Mammogram equipment
– Exercise equipment
– Bicycles

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How do I download and install the Aeropaq App for Android?

1)Browse the Google Play store and search ‘Aeropaq’.
2)Click on ‘Install’.
3)Click on the button which will appear on the main menu.

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What are the Steps to make a return on Amazon?

Was it small for you? Did not meet your expectations? Or do you just want to return your package to Amazon?
You can do it by following these steps:

1. Find your orders and select the order you want to return.

2. Click on the option (Return or replace products).

3. Check the item(s) of the order you wish to return.

4. Select the reason why you want to return the product and click continue.

5. 2 options will appear for the refund, choose the one that suits you best and click continue.

Note: Amazon will give you several options to return your merchandise but only one is the one that corresponds to customers who live outside the United States, the correct option is: UPS delivery points: box and label are required.

1. Select the option: UPS delivery points: box and label required and click confirm your return.

2. Click print label and instructions, you’ll know it’s the correct label because it looks like this.

Note 1: If the label you see is a QR Code like the image below, it means that you selected the wrong return option and you must return to the beginning.

Note 2: Always confirm that the correct label has minimum validity of 15 days otherwise you run the risk that your package will not return on time, this can be confirmed right after click on print label and instructions.

1. Stick the label on the package that contains the item you are going to return.

2. Print the invoice of the order that you had already placed and that contains this item.

3. Go to Aeropaq’s Available Terminals to make your Return.

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What do I need to do to transport high-value merchandise?

High value merchandise must be notified to AEROPAQ before being received at our Miami warehouse. The client must send the purchase invoice and a bank certification of the amount of the transaction to the email servicioalcliente@aeropaq.com, copying the Manager of his Terminal.

Merchandise that exceeds US$2,499 carries an additional charge that corresponds to the Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) form, which is required by the United States Department of Customs for export. This merchandise will be insured based on the value reflected in the invoice provided. Depending on the category that corresponds, the percentage value to pay in liens and selective may vary.

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Which HAZMAT items can be transported under Dangerous Goods regulations?

Certain items that are within the HAZMAT / Dangerous Goods category can be transported in special packaging, for which it carries an extra cost depending on their type.

Next, we share the list with you:

• Chemicals
• Explosives, combustible, corrosive
• Vehicle airbags
• Spray or aerosol
• Capsules containing compressed gas
• Strong magnets
• Dry ice or chemical ice
• Painting
• Inverter / Car batteries
• Perfumes
• Nail polish
• CO2 bottles
• Flammable items
• Corrosive items
• Vehicle shock absorbers

Important notes:

• If the Hazmat merchandise received in Miami is from a type or category of which we do not process weekly consolidations, the cost of this shipment is US$150.00.

• If the merchandise needs to be repackaged in a certified box so that it can be transported, this has an extra cost of US$50.00 for each box used.

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How do I get Proof of Export for my packages?

To obtain the Export Proofs follow these steps:

Access your Aeropaq account via www.aeropaq.com.
Search for the Historical option and select a date range no longer than 3 months. Click on search.
Select the packages and choose the Export Proof option… And that’s it!

You will be able to view the file in PDF format. All Export Proofs will be identified with the Amazon Tracking number.

If you need proof of packages older than 3 months, then request it to your terminal email from the email address you have registered in your Aeropaq account and you must include your membership code.

If you are going to proceed to request the refund on Amazon, once you have the export letter, you must send an email to tax-exempt@amazon.com with the following information:

Aeropaq Miami address, 8540 NW 66th ST. Miami, FL. 33195-2698.
Email address you have registered in your Amazon account.
Each Amazon order number you are requesting reimbursement for and link it to the corresponding Export Proof.

You will receive a response from Amazon according to their Refund Policy.

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How do I apply for a Tax refund on Amazon with Aeropaq’s Export Proof of Export?

First you must generate in our Export Proof System with these steps:

Access your Aeropaq account via www.aeropaq.com.
Search for the Historical option and select a date range no longer than 3 months. Click on search.
Select the packages and choose the Export Proof option… And that’s it!

You will be able to view the file in PDF format. All Export Proofs will be identified with the Amazon Tracking number.

If you need proof of packages older than 3 months, then request it to your terminal email from the email address you have registered in your Aeropaq account and you must include your membership code.

Once you have the export letter, you must send an email to tax-exempt@amazon.com with the following information:

Aeropaq Miami address, 8540 NW 66th ST. Miami, FL. 33195-2698.
Email address you have registered in your Amazon account.
Each Amazon order number that you are requesting reimbursement for and link it to the corresponding Export Proof.

You will receive a response from Amazon according to their Refund Policy.

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Have you had problems buying from Amazon or another online store?

We recommend you erase and rewrite your Aeropaq address.
You can do it in these 4 ways:

Option 1: Add AP + your Aeropaq code next to your name.

Juan Buyer AP-XXXXXX
8540 NW 66th St.
Miami, FL. 33195-2698
United States

Option 2: Putting your AP + your Aeropaq code in the first line of the address.

John Buyer
8540 NW 66th St, AP-XXXXXX
Miami, FL. 33195-2698
United States

Option 3: Instead of AP, put Suite + your Aeropaq code in the second line of the address.

John Buyer
8540 NW 66th St.
Miami, FL. 33195-2698
United States

Option 4: Replaces the current zip code 33195-2698 with 33166.

John Buyer
8540 NW 66th St, AP-XXXXXX
Miami, FL. 33166
United States

If you still cannot make the purchase, contact us through our digital platforms.

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Which HAZMAT merchandise can be transported with special packaging?

Here we leave you a list of articles that fall into this category, but with a special packaging can be transported via air freight. Before making the purchase, verify the additional charge that would reflect in the freight of the article:

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What is the procedure for shipping Automotive Shock Absorber/Struts? Is there an additional cost?

Shock absorbers, springs and hinges, due to their components such as pressurized or compressed gas, are considered HAZMAT or dangerous goods and their transport is regulated by the IATA (International Air Transport Association).

With Aeropaq you can bring this type of items. They are transported weekly and have an additional freight cost of US$15 per shock absorber.

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What are military supplies? Can I bring them?

Any material or articles used for these military purposes, such as uniforms, footwear, knives for military use, weapons, ammunition are known as Military Equipment.
For security reasons, Military Items are prohibited for importation, they are confiscated by the relevant authorities at the time of entering the country.

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Can I transport communication radios?

Communication Radios can be transported via Courier. These entail two permits issued by two different institutions: The Ventana Única de Comercio Exterior (VUCE) and the J2 from the Ministry of Defense.
For more information about the transportation of Communication Radios, we recommend you contact your Terminal.

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Why sometimes there’s a difference between the pounds on the label placed by the supplier and the Aeropaq label?

When transporting a package there are two elements involved: the article weight “per se” and the packaging. Sometimes suppliers will only put the item weight; usually because they themselves are carriers of the load either or have agreements with their local carrier (USA), which charge them for the type of service or the distance they travel in order to mark the transportation and not by the weight of the load. Example: A single article can be sent in service “Overnight” or “Standard” and the price you have to pay the customer is different but despite event if the weight is the same.

In the case of Couriers, carriers, both air and ground, they usually charge by the weight of the load including the weight of the package and its packaging. That is why we have in Aeropaq electronic scales, which are properly calibrated; with which all the packages received in our warehouse are weighted, assigning this weight automatically. This is what we pay to our air and ground carrier and that’s the same weight you pay at Aeropaq for your packages.

In addition, our terminals have scales available to customers who wish to confirm the weight of the received packet to validate the invoice value.

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How long can my packages stay in Customs?

According to Art.3 of the 456-73 “Law on tax warehouses, may remain imported without payment of import duties and taxes, deposit, bonds and other obligations under the relevant customs legislation goods, for a period six months, renewable. Expired these deadlines, they are considered abandoned. ” In turn, Article 96 of Chapter VII of the 3489 Act states that: ” The merchandise abandoned to the Treasury, will be sold at public auction to cover the total duties and taxes.”

These packages abandoned at the General Directorate of Customs (DGA ) and whose taxes have not been paid to the institution mentioned above, are not the responsibility of Aeropaq and in no case be liable for packages auctioned by the Directorate General of Customs.

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How do I make a claim?

A claim consists of a request through which the client requests that a response be offered to a certain problem.
The purpose of the claim is to obtain compensation for an error related to the service provided, either because there has been a breach or because there has been a defective performance of the agreed service.

Types of claims and necessary documentation

Lost Package: Aeropaq will consider your package as lost, one that after being received in Miami and exhausting the process of investigation and search for it in all our warehouses has not been located. A package will be recognized as received in the Miami warehouse when Aeropaq enters its system, trackings that do not have a confirmation signature and receipt from an Aeropaq collaborator will not be recognized as received.

Important: The packages that are transported by the regular service of the USPS are not the responsibility of Aeropaq despite the fact that the USPS page says that they have been delivered and contain an acknowledgment signature, since said signature corresponds to the lot received without any details; In addition, the Zip Code 33195, which is what gives the mail as a delivered address, covers many addresses and companies, for this reason Aeropaq is not responsible for such packages. For other carriers, the receipt signature must be from an Aeropaq employee. Otherwise, AEROPAQ is not responsible for it. Estimated response time: 10 business days.

Documentation necessary to process it

Purchase invoice corresponding to the lost item.

Merchandise in poor condition: Aeropaq will consider merchandise in poor condition when it is broken, dirty, wet or unusable. The client must confirm the status of their merchandise before leaving the terminal at the time of billing, otherwise they lose the right to claim. Packages received in our Miami warehouses in poor condition cannot be claimed from Aeropaq, they must be claimed from the Supplier. In the same way, if the packaging of the package was not correct for its protection and transportation, the claim must be made by the Client to the Supplier.

Note: Items spilled due to atmospheric pressure received during air transport if they apply for a claim and that are broken or in poor condition when delivered to the customer. Estimated response time: 10 business days.

Documentation necessary to process the same

Purchase invoice corresponding to the item in poor condition.
Delivery of the package in poor condition to Aeropaq.

Incomplete merchandise: Aeropaq will consider your merchandise incomplete when it confirms the existence of a difference in weight between the weight of the package when it is received in Miami versus the weight of the package when it is delivered to the customer. If the missing item weighs less than 2 ounces, the claim can be opened after the supplier confirms that it sent all the items in the same package, since if it was sent in parts, as happens on many occasions, the claim does not proceed. Important: the weight to be taken into account as a valid receipt in Miami is the one that weighs the package when it is received and weighed in the Miami warehouses, not the one that the supplier’s label says. Estimated response time: 30 business days.

Documentation necessary to process it

Images or photo of the supplier’s label, Aeropaq’s label and weight confirmation.
Purchase invoice indicating the missing merchandise.

Incorrect delivery: Aeropaq will consider your merchandise as an incorrect delivery when the package has been mistakenly assigned to another code or client. Aeropaq will always assign the package to the AP (customer membership code) that appears in the address provided by the Supplier. If the Supplier made a mistake and put the wrong AP despite having the correct name, Aeropaq will make every effort to recover the package, if the package does not want to be returned by the customer who picked it up, the claim does not proceed. If it is determined that the package is identified with the correct AP code, the claim process can be lifted. Estimated response time: 30 business days.

Documentation necessary to process it

Purchase invoice indicating the missing merchandise.
Confirmation of the AP number in case you have not placed it in the address.

Package without content: Aeropaq will consider your package without content when, after being received at the Miami warehouse with the content, it arrives at any of our warehouses without it. If after having received the batch of packages from the carrier and when they begin to be entered one by one it is identified that one is empty, the client will receive a notification email where and the situation is communicated to him so that he proceeds to claim the supplier. Aeropaq will not be responsible for this content even if the supplier confirms that it has been sent in its entirety. Estimated response time: 30 business days.

Documentation necessary to process it

Image or photo of the box.

Steps of a claim

Go to the Customer Service area at the Aeropaq Terminal or Customer Service Super Representative at the Paq Point where you pick up your packages and inform them about the situation. If it is Merchandise received in poor condition, incomplete or without content, you must inform it at the time of receipt and invoicing of the same since with the signature of the lead, invoice or receipt of payment, it will be understood that the article is received in accordance and you will lose the right to claim.

Aeropaq’s Customer Service staff will fill out a Claim Form which contains the registration number of the same with the details of the claim and the estimated response time. It will also ask you for certain documentation and information as the case may be.

You must deliver all the documentation requested by the customer service representative as soon as possible, since from the delivery of said documentation to Aeropaq the claim will begin to be processed.

The staff in charge of your claim at Aeropaq will send you a communication indicating the result of your claim, notifying the date of delivery of the refund or package, if applicable.


• All information provided to Aeropaq must be true.

• The number of days that the claim process will take in Aeropaq will depend on the type of claim and will start counting after receiving from the client all the necessary documentation for its process. The response time will be specified.

• Estimated response time is not a guarantee that your package will be delivered or refunded on this exact date. The estimated response time could be longer or shorter depending on the investigation process carried out in each case.

• The customer will receive an email informing him of the status of his claim, either indicating the location of his package or the availability of his refund.

• Aeropaq undertakes to reimburse the total amount paid for the purchase of the item in question, not the item itself. In no case Aeropaq will be responsible for paying differences due to price increases of said item.

• Aeropaq cannot give a final answer until the site investigation process has been exhausted.

• Aeropaq may decline your claim if after exhausting the investigation process it is determined that Aeropaq is not responsible for it.

• The customer loses all the right to claim about the status of his merchandise if he does not review it at the time of billing. The customer must make his claim at the time of billing because if he were to remove the item from Aeropaq, he loses the right to claim. With the signature of the driver, invoice or receipt of payment, it will be understood that the article is received in accordance. After this term, the right to act will have expired.

• We are not responsible for damage to extremely fragile items such as: mirrors and glass, porcelain, plaster, ceramic or fiberglass items, vehicle parts (micas), X-ray sensitive items, items that need refrigeration or food and perishable items.

• Items from eBay or USPS can only be claimed if the state in which it was received in Miami is different from the state in which the client receives it at the counter.

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How do I change terminals?

If you wish to change terminals, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your account with your AP and password in www.aeropaq.com.
  2. Login to “My Account” and go to “Packages Destination” at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click the magnifying glass icon with “Low Value Packages” and then “Search.”
  4. Choose the terminal where you want to change your account and press the icon with the pencil.
  5. Perform the same exercise with “high value package.”
  6. Click “Save” at the top of the page.
  7. You will visualize one message informing you that your change was successfully made.

You can also write us to servicioalcliente@aeropaq.com with your account information (name and AP number), or request it to the Customer Service Representative at your current terminal, filling out the form for this purpose. After that, your request will be ready in in a maximum time of 24 to 48 hours to Santo Domingo and 48-72 hours for the interior.

If you want to switch to the Fixed Delivery service, go to this link

Important: Remember that the change will be effective for packages arriving at our offices in Miami from the moment that your request is processed. Packages in transit or already received in Miami must be picked up at the previous terminal.

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My package arrived without invoice. What should I do?

When your package arrives without invoice you will receive notification in the mail of receipt of goods to Miami you normally arrives. Here we ask you to send the invoice with the name and description of the item within 24 hours after receipt of such notice to mifactura@aeropaq.com .

This will avoid a possible penalty of RD$2,000.00 imposed by the Dirección General de Aduanas to packets arriving without an invoice, if it is found in its database that its value is greater than US$200.00. Furthermore, we avoid a penalty of RD$10,000.00 imposed packets remaining 10 days or more without making the Customs invoice and pay the assigned values.

When you’re looking for your package order bill, you must take in count that it includes the following aspects:

  • AP Number: Your Aeropaq’s client code.
  • Package’s WR: Is the unique tracking number that we assign to your package once it’s been received in Miami. You can obtain it from no invoice notification mail that you received and this will help us identify to exactly which article belongs the bill you sent, in case the store or the supplier had sent your purchase in different parts. You can resend us the same received notification email attaching the order bill.

Ejemplo WR

  • Tracking Number: Is the company or postal code’s shipping number used by the store to send your purchase to Aeropaq Miami. This number does not come included in the bill detail, that’s why you would have to write it in the email body.

tracking number

  • Purchase Details: List of the articles and their prices.
  • Sending Format: In a Word or PDF Document.

Some stores send a confirmation order email with all the details of your purchase and it works. In other cases, like Amazon, the email does not include every necessary detail, so you should find it in your account’s last orders in their webpage.

Here we show you an example of how the order bill you send us should be:

Mal Ejemplo Facturafactura buena amazon

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When I track a package on AEROPAQ’s website, “Invalid Tracking appears. Why?

The result of “Invalid tracking” (tracking inválido) can occur for reasons such as:

• The package has not yet been received in our warehouses.
• The package has not yet been registered in our tracking system.
• The tracking number is wrong or has an error.
• The tracking number has changed during the shipment of the package.

If you confirm that the tracking Number is correct and it continues to appear on our website “Invalid tracking” for a period of 7 days, please contact us at servicioalcliente@aeropaq.com under the subject “Package Not reflected in my account” providing us the following information:

1. Supplier confirmation (it can be a screenshot) showing the Tracking Number and the confirmation that, it has been delivered to our address and the signature of the Aeroaq collaborator that received it.
2. Invoice or order from the Supplier in your name where you can see the detail of the contents of the package.
3. Client AP.

With this information we proceed to carry out a physical search in our Miami warehouses and once located it will be registered in your account. If eventually it is not located, you must proceed to file a claim to the supplier the “non-reception” of the package.

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I have to pay Customs tax for category change. How do I do it?

When you get a notification by Aeropaq from the Dirección General de Aduanas (Customs and Excise Department) related to the payment of the taxes of your goods, you’ll be able to pay those related taxes and values directly to them or through Aeropaq. Here we describe the two processes for your best choice:

Payment process by the client: 

Payment with pin
To make the payment directly to the account of the Dirección General de Aduanas, must answer us to mail sent requesting your PIN payment, with which you can make payment via Internet Banking Banco Popular or BHD’s Bancasa.

Payment by check:
Conduct a management certificate or check for the value indicated in our correspondence, payable to the Collector of Customs, on behalf of the recipient of the package, on account of Customs Taxes.
A certificated or administration’s check by the value indicated in our correspondence, payable to Dirección General de Aduanas, on behalf of the recipient of the package, on account of Customs services.
Category Change or Consignee letter for RD$2,000.00 payable to Aeropaq to the account indicated in our correspondence.

Payment process by Aeropaq: 

For your management via Aeropaq you’ll have to deposit into the account in correspondence sent the sum of customs duties, customs, letter for change of category and RD$200.00 for the check confection. Also, you’ll have to send via email a copy of your proof of payment, to traficocuentascorporativas@aeropaq.com if you have a corporate account with us or to traficocuentaspersonales@aeropaq.com if you hold a personal account.

Important: The above payments do not include costs related to the transport of cargo (freight, $30.00 Management, Verification & Office and U.S. $ 10.00 for Completing form and Additional. Below are invoiced at the time of delivery of the goods).

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Is it safe to buy on the Internet?

Yes, online retailers, such as amazon.com, oldnavy.com, victoriassecret.com, and others, allow you to see the progress of your purchase from the moment you place the order to its final delivery to our offices.
For help see our Shopping Directory.

For auction sites, such as eBay, take the seller’s feedback into account prior to placing a purchase.
Always make your purchases from top-rated sellers.

We suggest you never store your credit card information on any Internet transaction site.
Always click or choose “No” when asked if you’d like the site to remember your credit card details.

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What are the advantages of Online Shopping?

Many. You have over 30,000 virtual stores from which you will enjoy a grate variety of items at the most competitive prices.

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How much will I pay for taxes?

calculadoraNothing, as long as the total of your order is less than US$ 200 (including taxes, shipping & handling, and delivery).

If your purchase is over US$ 200, call our offices (809-aeropaq) and speak with a Customer Service Representative (ext. 221), or our Operations Department (ext. 237).  They will tell you how much you will have to pay based on the description of the item you want.

We have a Rate Calculator so our customers may obtain an estimate on Custom taxes for the 20 most popular items.

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How do I know where to purchase a specific ítem?

It’s simple!  Google is the best tool.  Go to www.google.com, and type a description of the item in the search box.  A “Google Search” of the item you are searching for will be generated, indicating where it can be purchased online.

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Which items cannot be shipped from the US?

For security reasons, the following items cannot be shipped to the United States:

Firearm and replicas
Military items (accessories and military wear)
Pellet guns
BB guns (air rifles)
Used cell phone’s batteries
Products made with CBD (Cannabidiol)
Pornographic material
Radioactive material
Hookah and accessories
Military-style knives
Personal documents like passport, id, social security, credit cards, etc.

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How do I download and install the Aeropaq App for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad?

1)Browse the iTunes AppStore and search for ‘Aeropaq’.
2)Click on ‘Install’.
3)Type your password to enter the AppStore.
4)Click on the button which will appear on the main menu.

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How did you authorize someone else to pick up my packages?

Easy… send us an email to servicioalcliente@aeropaq.com, providing your Membership Code, the full name and photo of the identity and electoral card or passport of the person you wish to authorize, indicating whether it is permanent or temporary.
If it is temporary, you must indicate the date on which said authorization ends.
If for any reason this person is no longer in your trust or there is any change during the authorized date, it is your responsibility to contact us as soon as possible through the same email mentioned above and notify us of the cancellation of said authorization.

To process the authorization, or eliminate it, you must write to us from the e-mail that appears registered in our database.

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Can I track the progress of my order with AEROPAQ?

rastreoOf course.  As soon as we receive your packages from the supplier and process it into our system, you will receive an e-mail indicating the provider’s name, weight of the merchandise and a warehouse tracking number starting with WR-xxxxxx; this number uniquely identifies your package.

There are two ways of tracking a package when you access www.aeropaq.com.  You may enter a package ID number in the box at the top of the page or by logging into your account.
To access your account, you will need your Membership Account Number (AP-XXXXX) and password.  Once logged-in to “MY AEROPAQ” page, you will be able to track the progress of all your packages, as well as detailed account statement information.

Also, feel free to contact us via e-mail or call us to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

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Is my merchandise insured against damages or loss?

At AEROPAQ we take care that the merchandise reaches you complete and without any damage. However, we have insurance that guarantees compensation for damage or loss, which consists of payment of 1.75% of the cost of the merchandise when its value exceeds US$50 (fifty dollars).

The value of the merchandise is determined by the official invoice provided by the supplier, used for customs declaration and tax purposes. It is very important that you are able to provide us this invoice upon request; its value will be taken as good and valid in the event you shall make any claims for loss or damages.

It is important that you send us this invoice when required, since its value will be taken as good and valid for your guarantee in case of damage or loss. If we do not receive the invoice, the merchandise will be insured based on a value of $50 which will be the maximum amount of return in the event of a claim.

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What is the procedure for shipping perfumes? Is there an additional cost?

Government restrictions on the air transport of merchandise considered dangerous (perfumes, nail polish, sprays or aerosols) resulted in the creation of the Dangerous Goods Management Law, which contemplates the payment of a tax for this concept.

You can transport cosmetics and perfumes with Aeropaq. The chart below outlines what you can expect to pay in tariffs for said articles, in accordance with the Act and with the package’s weight:

  • From 0 to 3 pounds, it will have an additional cost of US$5.00
  • From 4 to 9 pounds, it will have an additional cost of US$10.00
  • From 10 to 20 pounds, it will have an additional cost of US$15.00
  • From 21 to 30 pounds, it will have an additional cost of US$20.00
  • From 31 to 40 pounds, it will have an additional cost of US$25.00
  • From 41 to 50 pounds, it will have an additional cost of US$30.00
  • From 51 pounds, it will have an additional cost of US$35.00

It is important for you to be aware that the transport of 5 or more cosmetic items might be considered as a wholesale import by the DGA, and special permission from the Department of Public Health may be required.

Please be advised that the shipment of this type of merchandise is done every Friday. Items must be received in our warehouse in Miami before 2:00 P.M. on this day. We suggest you consider this when placing your order, especially if you plan to make a gift on a specific date.

Contact our Customs Department by calling (809) 237-6727 if you have any questions.

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How can I return an order to Miami an order I placed by mistake?

If your order has not yet arrived to our warehouse in Miami, we suggest you first try cancelling your order through the vendor’s website by accessing your account.

If you are unable to cancel an order, we suggest you do the following:

1. Visit the online vendor’s site.
2. Log-in to your account and search for the order you wish to return.
3. Open a claim, or notify the seller you wish to return the item(s).
4. Ask the seller to send you a pre paid return label with tracking number.  Since we are a freight forwarder and do not have a mailbox to process the return of the merchandise from our warehouse, any carrier will require this from us.
5. If the store does not submit the return label with the tracking number, you will have to cover the shipping costs. In this case you must contact us via email explaining the case to servicioalcliente@aeropaq.com or operacionesdeservicio@aeropaq.com and requesting the price for the service.

Merchandise Return Label

Merchandise Return Label

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Are there any items that cannot be shipped from the United States?

For security reasons, the following items cannot be shipped from the United.

Firearm and replicas
Military items (accessories and military wear)
Pellet guns
BB guns (air rifles)
Pornographic material
Explosives, fuel, corrosives
Air bags for vehicles
Sprays or aerosols
Compressed air capsules
Strong magnets
Dry or chemical ice
Radioactive material
Vehicle/inverter batteries
Hookah and accessories
Military-style knives
Meat of any kind
Seeds to grow
Personal documents like passport, id, social security, credit cards, etc.
Perfumes (these can be transported with special handling. Review our blog post regarding the Handling of Hazardous Merchandise)

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Can I send medicines to the United States?

Yes, through DHL it is possible to send medicines to the United States. For this you must take into consideration the following rules:

1. If the person who is going to receive the medicines in the United States is a tourist or visitor (with a valid travel visa), they need:
• Copy of the Dominican passport
• Prescriptions issued by a local doctor.
Personal_Medication_Worksheet (a form that must be completed for customs).

2. If the person who will receive the drugs in the United States is a US citizen or resident, they need:
• Copy of passport or proof of citizenship.
• Prescription issued by a US doctor.
• Personal Medication Worksheet
• Intended use statement explaining why medication is imported rather than purchased domestically.

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When I try to place the order online, my credit card cannot be processed. What do I do?

Verify that your credit card issuing bank has our Miami address as your “Billing Address”.  This address is: 8540 NW 66 St., Miami, FL 33195-2698.
If the merchant is still unable to process your transaction, we suggest you try using a prepaid credit card.

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My package was retained by the DGA. What should I do next?

When packages arrive in Santo Domingo, the DGA verifies, identifies, and retains the items without invoices and could have a cost value of US$200 or more. When this happens, the Aeropaq’s Customs department informs the costumer via e-mail, request the invoice and the translation of the same. Once these documents are received, the department prepare the file and presents it to the DGA.

When the DGA validates the information, we proceed to check and valuate the file. The Customs Department of Aeropaq will communicate via e-mail to the customer, that the package or merchandise has Customs Taxes to pay, the amount and the payment methods to do so.

Once paid, the merchandise is dispatched by DGA and Aeropaq. After finishing the process, we notify the customer when is ready to pick up at his Terminal, Punto PAQ of pick up or is delivered to its home or work place if it is in Delivery Route.

Glossary of Customs terminology

Commercial invoice: the invoice for the purchase of products.
Creation of the dossier: along with the invoice and description of the merchandise, Aeropaq proceeds to process a dossier on behalf of the client.
Execution of the record: with the bill and the detail of the merchandise the record of the package is created under the client’s name.
Customs declaration: once the record is completed, it is transmitted to the DGA via its website for the verification of the sent data.
Verification: process in which boxes are opened and cross-checked to verify their physical content is the same as the declared one.
Valuation: process in which the value of the products are compared and verified with the DGA’s database.
Payment: a print-out of the Customs tariffs approved by the customer.  Payment is processed.
Dispatch: process in which the merchandise is released from the DGA’s deposits and sent to Aeropaq.

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Is there a special regulation for the transport of tobacco and alcohol?

The transportation of tobacco and alcohol, as well as products of other categories, are regulated by the General Customs Directorate.

Purchases that exceed the amount allowed for personal consumption (5 liters in alcoholic beverages or 20 packs of 10 cigarettes units) or allowed import amount (US $ 200) will pay the customs taxes corresponding to their category.

This measure was put into effect from November 7, 2017.
For more information you can access the DGA website here -> www.aduanas.gob.do

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What is the Registro Único Aduanero (RUA)?

The RUA is the registration that every person who buys online and brings their purchases by Courier, must do on the platform of the General Directorate of Customs.

The objective of this registry is to differentiate those who use this channel for commercial purposes from those who use this channel for personal consumption and thus expedite the customs clearance of the same, for which the benefit of tax exemption on purchases under $200 (Two Hundred North American Dollars).

As a user of the Courier service and AEROPAQ customer, you must complete the RUA registration, as it is a requirement for the dispatch all your packages.

If you have not done so yet, register now at this link -> www.aduanas.gob.do/de-interes/consultas/registro-courier/

For more information, you can consult the DGA website -> www.aduanas.gob.do

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USPS delivers during COVID-19

In the last weeks we’ve experienced important delays in the United States Postal Service (USPS) due to the global situation we’re living with the COVID-19. The closing of airports and the cancellation of multiple flights have caused a huge stock of packages in their warehouses.

It’s important to remember that, when USPS identifies a package or correspondence as Delivered, it takes, at least, 7 work days to complete the deliver to our warehouses in Miami, issue that has been acknowledged by the Courier Association (ASODEC).

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Do service delivery? How to apply for the service?

Yes and FREE!
Delivery hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
To request it, you must do so by accessing your account from our website or mobile applications for iOS, Android and Huawei.

We have 2 types of Delivery Service available for your choice:

Fixed delivery
Available to all customers who wish to have all their packages delivered permanently to their home or office in less than 24 hours * after the payment has been successfully processed..

For this you must change your Delivery Route in which you withdraw your packages to the Delivery route that corresponds to your area:


Learn more and see how-to tutorials at www.aeropaq.com/delivery-free/
Important: The change of route to Delivery will apply only for those packages that arrive in Miami after making the change to this route.
* Due to work absences some delays may arise.

Delivery on request
For customers who withdraw at the following Santo Domingo Terminals: Piantini, Bella Vista, Arroyo Hondo or Drive Go Thru and Santiago Los Jardines and wish to send a specific package or group of packages that are already under the status “Available for withdrawal ”.
To request it, you must perform the following steps:

1. Login to your account at Aeropaq.com.
2. Click on Payment Methods.
3. Register your VISA or Mastercard Credit or Debit Card.
4. Go to the Packages tab.
5. Click on the Pay option.
6. Validate the amount to pay and click continue.
7. In Delivery Form select Home Delivery.
8. Choose the corresponding address and click continue.
9. Verify the detail of your invoice and select Pay with Card.
10. Select your card and click on Use Selected Card.

Important: The processing of the package to be withdrawn from the warehouses and put on the route for home delivery will be done after the invoice for the package has been paid online.

We arrived to:

• Metro Zone Delivery
o Ciudad Moderna
o Ciudad Nueva
o Don Bosco
o El Millón
o El Millón II
o El Milloncito
o El Vergel
o Ensanche Carmelita
o Ensanche Julieta
o Ensanche Miraflores
o Ensanche Paraíso
o Ensanche Quisqueya
o Estela María
o Evaristo Morales
o Gazcue
o Julieta Morales
o La Castellana
o La Esperilla
o Los Prados
o Las Praderas
o Altos de Las Praderas
o Los Robles
o Naco
o Piantini
o Serrallés
o San Gerónimo
o Fernández
o Zona Colonial
o Zona Universitaria

• Bella Vista Delivery
o Atala
o Alfimar
o Cacicazgos
o Cacique I
o Centro de los Héroes
o Dominicanos Ausentes
o El Portal
o Helio del Este
o Honduras
o Jardines del Caribe
o Jardines del Embajador
o La Paz
o Los Jardines del Sur
o Los Maestros
o Mirador Norte
o Mirador Sur
o Miramar
o Renacimiento
o Restauradores
o Roca Mar
o San Miguel
o Sarasota
o Tropical
o Urbanización Real
o 30 de Mayo

• Arroyo Hondo Delivery
o Arroyo Hondo
o Arroyo Hondo Viejo
o Altos de Arroyo Hondo
o Altos de Arroyo Hondo III
o Ciudad Real II
o Claret
o Colinas del Seminario
o Constelación
o Cuesta Hermosa
o Ensanche La Fe
o Gala
o La Aldaba
o Los Caminos
o Los Jardines
o Los Ríos
o Mirador de Arroyo Hondo
o Nuevo Arroyo Hondo
o Residencial Carmen María
o Residencial Villa Graciela
o Urbanización Ciudad Real
o Villa Marina

• Santiago Delivery
o El Congo
o Ensanche Julia
o Pueblo Nuevo
o Reparto Perelló
o Sector Baracoa
o Sector Cerro Hermoso
o Sector Cerros de Castillo
o Sector Cerros de Gurabo
o Sector Cerros de Gurabo II
o Sector Ejido
o Sector El Dorado I
o Sector El Embrujo I
o Sector Ensanche Bolívar
o Sector Española
o Sector Hoya del Caimito
o Sector La Esmeralda
o Sector La Junta
o Sector La Moraleja
o Sector La Rinconada
o Sector La Trinitaria
o Sector La Zurza
o Sector La Zurza II
o Sector Lo Bueno
o Sector Los Colegios
o Sector Los Girasoles
o Sector Los Jardines Metropolitanos
o Sector los Pepines
o Sector Reparto Consuelo
o Sector Reparto del Este
o Sector Reparto Ilusión
o Sector Rincón Largo
o Sector Savica
o Sector Simón Díaz
o Sector Villa de los Cerros
o Sector Villa Olga
o Urbanización Las Damas II
o Urbanización Los Hidalgos
o Urbanización El Paraíso
o Urbanización Miami

• Sectors pending coverage of Greater Santo Domingo
o Cuesta Brava
o Don Honorio
o El Condado
o Herrera
o La Yuca
o Las 800ta
o Las Colinitas
o Los Ceralejos
o Los Pinos
o Los Praditos
o Miraflores
o San Carlos
o Villa Aura
o Villa Claudia
o Villa Consuelo
o Villa Francisca
o Villa Juana
o Villa Maria
o Villa Mella

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Why should I re-pack my TV?

At AEROPAQ, knowing that the factory packaging may not protect your TV during transportation to the Dominican Republic and in order to protect it from improper handling related to the logistics chain, televisions will be re-packed.

This re-packing will be done according to the need. The size of the TV will define the charge that you will have to pay for this service, which you will see reflected in the invoice.

It is important to know that this is not an optional service, Aeropaq will only transport the televisions that are re-packed, so we recommend you take into account the corresponding value in the calculation of the total cost of importing the TV, which you can consult in the following chart:



Less than 27”


27” – 29” – 32”

39”- 40”


45” – 49” –  50”





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What is the VUCE permit?

Cell phones and telecommunications equipment, both landline and mobile, require an import permit called VUCE-INDOTEL. This permit is required to complete the clearance process of a package containing the mentioned items.

The authorization request and the payment of this permit is processed at INDOTEL and is carried out electronically on the website of the Integrated Customs Management System (SIGA).

When this permission is necessary, you will receive a notification from AEROPAQ via e-mail, which will indicate you the steps to follow in this process.

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What is Fractionation Withholding?

The Norma General No. 01-2018 that regulates the fractionation of goods through courier companies, indicated in Article 1, section D, the following:

“It is presume that there is shipment fractioning when it is introduced identical, similar, substitute or complementary goods, as a result of shipments of the same or different consignors, for the same consignee or related person (partners, dependents of the same employer) using one or more mother guides from the same Courier or from different Couriers, or using a set of procedures within a period of thirty (30) days or less, or when the import is part of a series of imports made or planned for the purpose of covering up commercial unduly benefited from the category “B”, which established in the Regulations for the Express Shipping Office. ”

For more information, you can access the full standard on the website of the General Directorate of Customs: www.aduanas.gob.do/media/6866/norma-general-01-2018-sobre-envios-couriers-con-finalidad-comercial.pdf

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Still you have doubts?