15% Discount Nuestros Hijos Parent’s Club


Hello dear readers!

We bring a partnership that will benefit the entire family! And it is that we’ve joined the community Nuestros Hijos, who are doing a beautiful job providing content and information of value to the whole family in order to have a better society. Nuestros Hijos is composed of a large family of parents and professionals as Pediatricians, Educators, Psychologists cooperating in various activities leading knowledge and important information for all members.

Here comes the good part… The Parent Club members will get a 15% discount on their freight Courier packages! They will also have the chance to win promotional kits in information meetings organized by this club.

Aeropaq customers are not far behind! If you want to belong to this club, just present your membership card and you will have a 15% discount on the annual subscription! Want to know more of what this club is about? Enter now to http://www.nuestroshijos.do/.


Some restrictions apply:

  1. Discount valid for consumer accounts in freight Courier service.
  2. Does not apply to bills on credit.
  3. ITBIS, DGA Tax, Fuel Surcharge, Airport fee and insurance not included in the discount.