15% Discount SD Corre

As many of you know in our country , the love for the sports and specifically running  is trending . And that’s good, because now, more Dominicans are becoming healthier. There are clubs and groups formed to run at the Mirador Sur Park , Botanic Garden and other places that are considered suitable to practice this sport.Logo SD corre

The Club called «Santo Domingo Corre» has over 500 members, who also manage a magazine with articles related to the interests of this group and a webpage where they upload photos of contestants marathons and other activities around running. You can enter http://www.santodomingocorre.com/site/.

The good news is that if you are in this group, or you are interested to get started in the sport, Santo Domingo Corre and Aeropaq have joined to give you more benefits.

If you’re a customer of Aeropaq and are interested in becoming a member of the Runners Club , you get a 15% discount on the annual membership,  and for all members of Santo Domingo Corre, Aeropaq gives them a  on the freight of your packages, both presenting their cards affiliate .

So … what are you waiting for?! Start running now!