4 tips to scape routine in a romantic cruise

Norwegian is the perfect cruise for escaping from your daily routine, disconnecting from your day-to-day existence, enjoying yourself like never before, and sharing big experiences with your partner. These four tips explain how.

These days, when we’re so busy and time passes us by so quickly, it’s very easy for the daily routine to take up space and create a bit of distance in your relationship with your partner. Going on a cruise through the Caribbean to escape with your partner is one of the most restorative experiences for a relationship, since it offers you the opportunity to spend time alone together, away from all the distractions. In this post we give you a series of recommendations so you can get the most out of your experience on board Norwegian Cruise Line. This cruise line offers a very special concept for the occasion, which is what people call #FreeStyleCruising.


  1. Party like you mean it.

Fun and freedom are the key words. That’s what is behind the concept of #FreeStyleCruising. You have total freedom to enjoy every detail and moment with your partner in one of the best places on the planet for partying like never before without a care in the world at parties like the famous “White Hot Party”. Watch the video and get an idea of what fun means on board the cruise ships.


  1. Immerse yourself in the moment with your partner.

It’s odd how the smallest things can have a huge impact on our lives. Connect with the ocean, close your eyes, and listen to the light breeze blowing while you take a stroll along The Waterfront. Later take a seat in any of the bars found along The Waterfront and enjoy the sunset reflected in the waters of the ocean.


  1. Get swept up in the culinary experiences on board.

On a Norwegian cruise, you don’t simply have lunch, but rather an entire culinary experience. With more than 22 restaurants on board, you have the freedom to enjoy different flavors every day without having to make reservations or stay at pre-allocated tables; you simply decide what you fancy eating and show up to the restaurant, whether it’s to enjoy the cooking of Celebrity Chef Geoffrey Zacarian or to eat your favorite sushi, meat, Italian, or French dishes. You can choose to dine with an ocean view on The Waterfront or al fresco in the atrium at 678 Ocean Plate.


  1. Make the most of all the shows on board.

Norwegian offers the best live entertainment every day and night. So if you want to enjoy something intimate, like the singers who appear in the lounges, laugh until your stomach aches with comedy theatre company The Second City®, or watch the marvelous fireworks show, you will find something that is ideal for you. There is also the ingenious and award-winning show from Blue Man Group, which you can only attend on board Norwegian Epic. And with special events like White Hot Party, incredible Broadway productions like Burn the Floor and Legally Blonde, and the Cirque Dreams circus, you will laugh, sing and dance all through your cruise.













Take this occasion as a yearly excuse to distance yourselves from the daily routine and get closer to one another. It will certainly do its bit to help you to have a more healthy relationship. When this adventure is over, you will feel more connected and rejuvenated than ever before. If you want to see what Norwegian Cruise Line offers and book a cruise, look at their official web page for the Dominican Republic: www.ncl.com.do