Go to Peképolis with Aeropaq

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This time, we bring you a promotion for the whole family! For every 5 pounds you bring, you’ll be awarded with ticket for RD$250.00 discount to Peképolis park entrance.

How do you participate?

You just have to pick up 5 pounds you in packages, together or in several.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The customer that brings 5 pounds will receive at checkout a bonus ticket valid for RD $250.00 DISCOUNT on any entry Pekepolis.
  2. To receive the ticket the client must withdraw at least 5 pounds divided into one or more packages.
  3. The customer will receive many bonuses as multiples of 5 pounds, that is, if your package weighs 10 pounds, get 2 tickets Pekepolis $250.00 DISCOUNT.
  4. The prize will only be delivered to the account owner or an authorized person in writting.
  5. Customer must bring Aeropaq bills totaling 5 pounds to receive their prize.
  6. The representative should ALWAYS withdraw customer invoices to be attached to the report.
  7. This promotion applies to personal and corporate accounts in courier service and cash payments.
  8. Valid for all packages removed from the November 17 to December 31.
  9. Date: This promotion is valid from November 17 to December 31, 2014.
  10. No Liability: Aeropaq or its advertising agencies, public relations or promotions, are will be not responsible for damage, accidents (direct, indirect or consequential) losses that may occur to the winner, your guest or any person’s use or enjoyment of the prize. Any and all obligations to the winners of awards from Aeropaq cease and are totally satisfied at the time of the award.
  11. Licence Image: By entering this Promotion and accepting a prize, winner grants the right to Aeropaq and Pekepolis, their advertising agencies, promotions and public relations to use your name, voice and image, personal presentation and photography to advertise and show the winner in the Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and websites relating to this promotion without additional compensation.

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