Valentine’s Day gifts for Her

The date is approaching and we already started looking for the Valentine gift that we will make our boyfriend or girfliend, friend, significant other. But sometimes it is difficult for us and we do not know what to give. Here we share some tips for guys who are in that process.

The first thing you gotta do is to think which your couple’s real personality is and then you will have bigger chances of clicking with a perfect gift. For example:

  • If she’s a fashionist, a typical option would be sunglasses, handbags, scarves and hats that you can easily find in Nordstrom.


  • If she likes to work out, check out Athleta webpage where you will find clothes, shoes and accessories of excellent quality to exercise.Athleta 2
  • If she likes to read, find out her favorite subject and get her a book that can get her attention. Another option would be a Kindle, so she can look for her preferences by herself. In Amazon you can find thousands of options.


  • If she’s technologic, give her a camera to capture her favorite moments. A portable speaker could be a great gift too so she can listen to her favorite music.

Tiger Direct 2

  • If she likes to go to the beach, there are a lot of options in Victoria’s Secret webpage. You can shop bathing suits, tops and bottoms and cover-ups that will drive them crazy!

Victoria Secret 1

  • If she’s too chic, you can find make up and nail polishes in E.L.F. webpage. You can combine this gift with some perfume from Fragrance Express store.


  • If she’s sporty, and practices a sport sort like tennis or golf, we recommend you go to Sports Chalet website, where you will find tops and bottoms in an excellent price.

Sports Chalet 2