A bridge that will allow you export to the whole word.

In an economically, culturally, and even socially globalized world, international commerce, or the meaning of it: the commercial exchange between different countries is the blood that provides life to the countries, therefore to the companies. In a traditional context, when we own products or merchandise that we desire to sell, what we do is send them to a market and we begin promotion activities.

Due to certain economic and social conditions, globalization forces, intentionally or not, not to limit ourselves to that only market where we are used to commerce specific products and that is found very close to our production center. Because of a survival cause, we need to think about selling outside our borders. If not, we place ourselves at risk of having to surrender to those who will do it, and that achieving rising economies, will be able to pull us out of the local market. This is only one of the many risks involved.

We can compare the internet with a train, or a bridge, which allow any person or company to commerce with the biggest existing market: the whole world. This means that we do not have to limit ourselves to a small market and a lack of a certain level of population, localized in that zone or country. In fact, we will be able to access a distant market that will offer a lot more potential. The internet is not a trend; it is the difference between existing and stopping to exist. The companies that work in order to defend themselves from treats and resist the new and called to fail. Being in the internet is not only about having a web or being in the web, it is about so much more than that. It is necessary to use the internet in a strategic way, through an optimized web and in a steady or constant way.

Through the internet, the generalization of business in limited. The success of the country is in the vastest majority of sales that are accomplished. The greatest the market, the more possibilities of success there will be. We should aspire to sell in the uppermost market: the world. In these days, not only does the technology of the information has evolved, but also the logistic there is behind the commercial exchange. The electronic commerce is backed up but also the logistic operations that permit any type, size and quantity of products to arrive at their destiny.

Retailers like Amazon, eBay, and many more, learned to take the maximum advantage and since the beginning the goodness of the internet, and create an electronic commerce hat has generated billions of dollars, and it is still rising. In Approachln we believe the same can happen to that wholesale trade, the one with the major volumes: exportation and importation.

In conclusion, going outside is the only way to survive as a company, but you must go prepared. Thanks to God, and also to many geeks, we can count with a tool like the internet, which, used strategically and counting with a valid supporting logistic, make up the key factors that can assure the success to any exporter today. Knowing where to position you in a global level and being able to place effectively the product in the buyer’s hands, is what the exporter has to achieve. The good news is that this has only started. What the internet will bring us is not nothing compared to what we have seen so far. You are still on time. The bad news is that things happen faster every time. If you are not prepared to stay on the peak of the wave, others will do it for you.

This is precisely the argument, and in order to teach companies and particulars to use the tools that the internet offers to export any type of merchandise, we will celebrate the First Workshop 2.0 EXPORT-@, which will take place on Saturday August 23rd in the Dominican Fiesta Hotel. For more information, please enter www.approachin.com.

The world waits for you! And the interesting is that you have the doors completely open. What are you waiting for? Get on the train.


By: Ildefonso Güémez Mercado. Approachin.com