Aeropaq and BHD Bank give you back US$10 in Gift Cards of purchases


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This time we bring you a super good promo with Banco BHD!

So, if Amazon is your favorite store and you also have a BHD bank credit card pay attention! We’ll give you back $10 in® Gift Cards of every $150 on accumulated purchases in

Also, when you pick up you packages, if you pay with your BHD Bank credit card, you will receive a 5% discount on your freight Courier pound.

Getting your Amazon Gift Cards is easy!

You only have to submit to our customer services representatives the original invoice or e-mail confirmation of purchase from Amazon with a total of $ 150.00, paid with your credit card of Banco BHD and the Aeropaq bills.  This should be within the promotional period (July 14 to August 30).

The Amazon invoice must specify that the payment was made with your BHD credit card. Also, you have to present the credit card plastic in order to check that the last four digits correspond to the ones in your Amazon Bill.

Now you know! Save your Amazon and Aeropaq  bill and participate!

Some restrictions may apply:

  • Applies for all purchases at ® and Amazon sellers who are paid with any credit card issued from Banco BHD in the Dominican Republic.
  • To be eligible for the ® Gift Cards, you must have accumulated US$ 150.00 of ® purchases paid with your credit card of Banco BHD, conducted from July 14 to August 30 2014 and brought trough Aeropaq from July 14 to September 15, 2014.

How can you get a 5% discount on the courier rate of your packages for your purchases at ®, paid with your Banco BHD credit card?

  • Applies to all BHD credit cards issued in Dominican Republic.
  • Does not apply to credit cards issued abroad or in other banks.
  • To receive a 5% discount on the Shipping Courier your packages, you must pay the Aeropaq bills with your Banco BHD credit card from July 14 to August 30, 2014.

Who can participate?

  • This promotion is valid for current and future customers in their terminals AEROPAQ Santo Domingo, Santiago, San Francisco and San Pedro de Macoris.
  • Only valid for personal and corporate in the Courier service and cash payments accounts.

What is the Effective Date?

  • This promotion runs from July 14 to August 30, 2014.
  • The deadline to redeem your ® Gift Cards is September 15th, 2014 until 8pm.
  • You can get as many Gift Cards as purchases of US$ 150.00 on® you’ve accumulated over the duration of the promotion.
  • The purchase invoices ® should be within the duration of the promotion (July 14 to August 30).
  • Prizes will be delivered only to the account holder at the terminal where it is registered.
  • Customers of the Drive Thru terminal should be directed to the main terminal V.G. Puello # 8 for the exchange of their Gift Cards.
  • If the purchase was made ​​with the card of another person, the cardholder must be submitted with documents substantiating ownership of it.

When does not apply. Restrictions:

  • Not valid on® bills that are not paid with a BHD credit card issued in the D.R. and without at least US $ 150.00 total.
  • Not valid on purchases made outside the period of duration of the promotion (from 14 July to 30 August 2014).
  • Does not apply to bills on credit.
  • The 5% discount when paying in Aeropaq card Banco BHD, applies only in the courier and freight not included ITBIS, DGA Taxes, Fuel Surcharge, Airport Fee, insurance or other charges.
  • The 5% discount in Aeropaq applies only to credit card payments with  Banco BHD.
  • Aeropaq will not print copy of the invoices. The client should save them for submission at the time of the exchange.

For whom does not apply?

  • Aeropaq employees do not participate in the promotion.