Aeropaq Drive Go Thru

Let’s suppose it’s Saturday morning and you went to the supermarket early in your pajamas…or from the beauty parlor and you’re still wearing a hairnet…or running errands with the baby and letting him out of the car is not an option.  Or, perhaps you simply prefer to pick up your packages through the Drive Thru.  Our new Aeropaq Drive Go Thru has been designed just for you!!!

Switching terminals is very simple!  Just follow the following steps:Aeropaq Drive Go Thru

  1. Access your account on
  2. Choose “Update your account”
  3. Select the Drive Go Thru terminal
  4. Click on “Continue and Update Contact Details”

Where is it located? Roberto Pastoriza Ave. # 407 (behind our Piantini terminal).

Please note that you may only withdraw packages from your car at our Drive Go Thru terminal. Terminal changes are effective for those packages that arrive at our Miami office from the moment you make the change.  Packages already received and/or in-transit should be picked up at your previously-selected terminal.