Aeropaq’s Semana Santa Jevi

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Easter is a time of reflection, to love, to share with our loved ones… Many take the opportunity of this mini vacation to rest and leave town, go to the countryside, to the beach, breathing fresh air, knowing that little corner of the country you love so much … But for this, we must be prepared and buy some items that will make our trip more enjoyable. You know it’s more comfortable do it by your computer or mobile, selecting from the wide variety of items that international online stores offer us with very good prices. In addition, with Aeropaq you can carry those wishes quickly and safely!!!

Besides transporting your wishes, we are always thinking how to please you and make you feel … part of Aeropaq. That is why on this Easter, the perfect season to buy bathing suits, hats, tents and everything you need to have fun we listened to your requests and repeat the last year promo that you loved.

This promo, rewards you with promotional items, you just need to accumulate the pounds of your packages from February 29th to March 24th, 2016:

  • For every 5 pounds = 1 inflatable ball
  • For every 10 pounds = 1 cap
  • For every 15 lbs = 1 cooler
  • For every 25 pounds = 1 beach chair


Also, if you dare to share a photo interacting with one of our prizes (sitting tanning on the chair, with the cap on or playing with your kids or friends with the ball) you have the opportunity to win 10 additional FREE pounds to be consumed throughout the year 2016. The photo should be posted on Instagram with #aeropaqjevi, tagging and mentioning the @aeropaq account.


  • Promotional items will be available while supplies last.
  • The 10 Free pounds gained in the social network promo do not have to redeem more items.


When you pick up your package at Aeropaq, the customer service representative will give you the gift that corresponds to a number of withdrawals pounds, keeping the invoice for inventory, due to the fact that you can use it to trade in articles just once.

If you want to accumulate pounds to get a better gift, you must save the bills and present them when you already have accumulated the number of pounds for the item you wish to get.

This promo is valid:

From February 29th  to March 24th, 2016

The terms and conditions are:

  1. To participate, you must present to a customer service representative the receipts bill or bills of the items you brought  by Aeropaq, who shall redeem the item you want or correspond to a number of accumulated pounds.
  • The representative shall keep any invoices exchanged.
  • The pounds can be accumulated.
  1. The items available for exchange are:
  • Inflatable balls = 5 lbs
  • Caps = 10 lbs
  • Coolers = 15 lbs
  • Beach chair = 25 lbs
  1. The promotion starts on Monday, February 29th 2016 at 8 am and ends on Thursday, March 24th  at 2:00 pm.
  2. All Items are subjected to availability at the time of redemption.
  3. Each customer will have the opportunity to swap two promotional items during the promotion period. Ex .: (a cap + a chair, a ball + a cooler).
  4. To participate in social networks the client must upload a photo to Instagram interacting with any of the awards, with #aeropaqjevi, tagging and mentioning the @aeropaq account. The photo will be selected using the following criteria: originality, creativity and better visual article and brand. a weekly winner, who will be out for the next drawing selected.
  5. The 10 Free pounds gained in the social network promo do not have to redeem more items.
  6. This promotion is valid at all of our terminals in Santo Domingo, Santiago, San Pedro and San Francisco de Macoris: Piantini, Drive GO Thru, Arroyo Hondo, Bella Vista, Coral Mall, Unibe, Tower Orange, Bravo Churchill, Bravo Núñez, Bravo Enriquillo Bravo San Vicente, Bravo Rep. Colombia, Santiago Los Jardines, Bravo Santiago, UCE.
  7. Valid for personal, current and future customers of Aeropaq Santo Domingo, Santiago and San Pedro de Macoris and only applies to the Courier freight rate.
  8. Do not apply to corporate clients and credit bills.
  9. Corporate customers with cash courier fee can participate.
  10. Apply with other discounts.
  11. The exchange of items will be made only to the account holder.
  12. Deadline for swap application is March 24th, 2016.
  13. The duration of the promotion is subject to the availability of items.
  14. No Liability: Aeropaq or their advertising agencies, promotions or public relations, be liable for damage, injury or (direct, indirect or consequential) losses that may occur to the winner, your guest or anyone in the use or enjoyment of the prize. All and any obligation to award the winners by Aeropaq cease and are totally satisfied at the time of the award.
  15. Image license: By participating in this promotion and accepting a prize, winner grants the right to Aeropaq to use their name, voice and image, personal presentation in its advertising agencies, promotions and public relations for advertising and show winner in the Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and website on this promotion without additional compensation.
  16. Aeropaq may cancel this contest, change the rules or start and end date of the contest for reasons beyond its control.

Go ahead and begins to redeem your bills!!!