Animal, Animal, Animal Print!!!

It has become a staple for autumn…We see it on dresses, pants, tops, shoes, nails and even foundation for you eyelids.
If you like to see it on others, but are too shy to try it out for yourself, we provide some fail-safe tips below:animal print

  • Dress all in black, and let your animal print shoes, bag or belt make an impact.
  • Wear red, if you feel like being a bit daring. Saw a blouse you simply adore? Wear red pants with it, even your shoes could be red, too. Make your blouse stand out.
  • Yellow or brown with leopard animal print if your taste is more monochromatic.
  • Jeans for a more casual outfit. Wear a white blouse, jeans and animal print shoes. You’ll be casual and beautiful.

However, animal print does not have to make all the outfit, a lot of fabric combinations that have animal print and are spectacular!

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