ASODEC Communication

In recent months various commercial sectors of our country have launched a campaign in order to motivate the Dominican State to tax online purchases from USD $ 200.00 and up.

This campaign has consisted of a series of publications and editorials in print media paid
spaces in which they have handled figures that are not accurate and that distort the reality of our industry.

On this manner, we are committed to inform our customers the correct information handled by the Dominican Association of Business Couriers Inc. (ASODEC) on the reality of this situation, but mostly defend the purchasing power of the Dominicans who buy on internet
because of the benefits.

To this must be added that the Dominican Republic has signed the free trade agreement
CAFTA and other international conventions that protect the tax burdens from online purchases to 200 dollars, so these proposals of taxing these purchases would be in clear violation of international agreements mentioned above.

Here you will find the statement recently published by ASODEC.

We remain at your disposal should you have any questions on this subject.

Receive our greetings and appreciation for the loyalty shown over the years.