ASODEC Press Release

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The Dominican Association of Courier (ASODEC) expressed their opposition to the announcement of the General Director of Customs (DGA) to tax imports of consumers under two hundred dollars (US$ 200.00). They rated the provision of illegal addition to directly harm consumers Dominicans.

José Burdie, President of the Association, said the measure announced clearly violate the provisions of Decree 402-05 Office regarding Express Delivery. He stated that «it is unprecedented and aberrant that an institution like Customs, mainly administrative, the specific mandate to be amended a decree, others that also was part of the resolutions passed in the framework of the implementation of DR-CAFTA. That violates the fundamental rule of law. »

ASODEC expressed also as  illegal, the measures taken so irregular,  Customs directly contradicts raised by President Danilo Medina about tax reform of 2012 where expressly stated to the public that the country elimination of the exemption «would violate a right acquired by the Dominican population. »

The President of the Association said the measure that attempts Customs would implement a direct tax burden on consumers who purchase goods under $ 200.00 with the Outside of between 18% and 38%, corresponding to ITBIS and tariffs. They indicated that these amounts would be a heavy burden for the middle class, which is what most makes this kind of shopping as a form of alleviate the multiple economic pressures and high prices of many products in the local market.

Also explained that the mechanism ASODEC also illegal, undermine the mechanisms of clearance merchandise expressed as would generate enormous delays that are incompatible with the Agility is supposed to have this type of service.

ASODEC regretted that Customs officials yield to the pressures imposed by the National Organization for Business Commercial (ONEC) and other private sector organizations and attempt to protect the interests of the sector at the expense of interest consumers in the country. In that sense, they qualified as «Worried that since the State’s interests are favored some business group, while the right is trampled acquired tens of thousands of Dominicans consumers. «