Biolite Camping Stove: a must for your next camping trip

Local TV has gotten an adrenaline boost since the premiere of Andariego, the new, promising adventure and domestic travel series. Sunday afternoons have become a self-imposed curfew for many since.


Andariego exposes the voyages of Gary de Arriba, a young adventure enthusiast who, through his wanderings, invites audiences to follow him across this land and its people and hidden beauty unknown to many.

The series showcases alternative tourism buffs that advocate speed and put their abilities and survival skills to task.
Adventure is not synonymous to being taken off guard and improvising, as many believe the outdoors to be. As a result, before setting out on his next adventure, Gary always makes certain he is well-prepared for every occasion and situation that may arise.

Part of the program’s objective is to serve as a tour guide. Products found to be useful throughout Gary’s journeys are reviewed, encouraging viewers to bring them along on adventures of their own.


For our first post, we would like to recommend the Biolite Camping Stove.
Given its ease of use and simple and practical design, It’s one of the best-selling and reviewed gadgets.

This innovative outdoor stove lets campers cook, heat and charge electronic devices, deriving its energy from recycled biomass. Branches, small pieces of pinewood and any other type of flammable items may be used.
The device uses an internal fan to circulate air combined with a combustion chamber to create an ultra-efficient fire. As you cook, one may also take advantage of the heat emanated through its side which serves as a chimney – and this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Geat generated is converted to electricity through the device’s energy module, which is stored on its lithium-ion battery or output to charge small electronic devices with integrated USB ports.

Forget about hauling a gas tank or heavy wood, complex and bulky tools and simplify your life with this gadget that only weighs a few pounds and comes with an easy to carry bag. You may purchase this item online; we recommend you buy it on Amazon and ship it with Aeropaq, our official courier.

Shenda Medina