Burgers… and well done!!

No BBQ is lit where previously we have a few burgers ready for adults and children, regardless how they look. The taste is the most important thing if they were handmade… Buuut and why not give it a better finish to our amazing burgers that everyone in the family is claiming?Print

After making a meatball with the previously seasoned meat and the desired size, you can use your hands, saucers, cups, or whatever you have in the kitchen in order to achieve a more or less aesthetic form, but here I leave you with this fantastic little secret: the Cuisinart’s Stuffed Burger Press from Amazon.com at a good price.

With it, you will not only give a better finish your burger, but also fill perfectly, with your favorite cheese for example, without damaging the shape and crowning yourself as the King of Burgers!!!!



Bloguero Invitado: Chef Leandro Díaz.


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