Buying parts for vehicles

As you may know, we can buy anything from online stores and vehicle parts are not the exception, representing huge savings in our clients. If anytime you find yourself in the need of purchasing new tires, brakes, lights, etc., and don’t feel safe, here we give you some tips to take into consideration:

  1. Consult your mechanic.

This is the most important part before the purchase. Your mechanic is your vehicle’s doctor and he knows it well. Make sure he gives you all the information part.

  1. Keep in hand your car title.Partes de Vehiculos

It’s really important to have this document because some online stores could request this kind of information like the title or the VIN number (Vehicle Identification number) in order to have a more specific search.

  1. Tires

Every car uses a specific type of tires, and to buy it even just a little bigger or smaller could intercept with its development. Before you buy them, make sure you’ve chosen the correct ones. In some vehicles, you could find this info in the driver’s door.

When you’re looking for tires, it’s also important to make sure that you’re buying them for the right season of the year. If you see the word “winter” in the tire description, it means that those types are for cold weather or snow, things we don’t see in the Dominican Republic.

And finally.. Where can you buy? You can begin using this stores: