Changes in the packages inspection process.

The Directorate General of Customs (DGA) has made changes to the form of packet inspection transported via couriers, from making random inspections to make 100% full inspection. Also, if the packages do not contain their bills inside, whether we deliver them printed invoices as soon as possible after they are received from you, the packages are held until a commission to evaluate them and release, having an unknown number of days estimated for that process. courrier-21

This change in the DGA has caused delays in delivery, so we ask that you make your purchases ont time for the holidays.

Our main interest is to enjoy as soon as possible of your purchases, so we are doing everything in our power, including printing and deliver to the DGA the invoices you send us; to streamline further, we need you to do the Pre-Check-in as soon as you receive the tracking number of your purchase, attaching the bill to prevent your packages are held in Customs.

Together we can make to improve the process, showing that online purchases are made in accordance with established laws and that both the client and the couriers are very willing to work at it.

Thanks in advance!