Choosing the perfect gift

Tips to buy jewelries and accessories

Valentine’s Day around the corner, a special day and it has been tradition in most countries to give presents to our partners and friends, we want to help you make your purchases more effective and even more when we talk about jewelry and accessories. But first, make sure you have an ally to help you corroborate the size of the garment and compare it with the one you are going to buy.

If you’re still not clear of the measurement or simply cannot interpret the size chart correctly, here are some tips that will assist you, choosing that special gift in the online store successfully.

Tips to choose the size of a ring:

  1. Identify the origin of the ring, as its nomenclature varies depending on whether it is European or American.



  1. Use a tape measure and edge your finger with it to measure it, mark the start point and end point, then with a ruler measure the distance from one to another and you will get the measurement of the outline of your finger in millimeters. For example, 6 cm equals 60 mm and this corresponds to a size 20.



  1. Find a tape measure and measure your wrist. Roll the tape around the wrist, note the start point and end point. To make sure the bracelet fits comfortable add 1.5 cm to the number you wrote down earlier. Depending on how tight or loose you prefer you can add or remove centimeters.





  1. After deciding the watch that you want to buy, check its size, so that you do not get too big or too small and especially to ensure that the watch you see in the picture is what you are looking for. For this you can help yourself by taking the reference or model from a watch that you are already using and look on the internet for the measurement of its diameter. Compare that measure with the watch that you want to buy.
  1. Use the size chart that we provided below to give you an idea of what size is the watch you want to buy.

watch sizing chart