¿How to buy my shoes online & get the best fit?

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Buying shoes online is often a complicated task, leading to insecurities, not knowing exactly what to buy and if the shoes we want will fit or not.

The following tips will help you get out of doubt when buying those shoes you love.

      TIPS to buy shoes online correctly

  1. Check your size, because it can vary depending on the origin of the shoe, whether from Europe, Brazil or the United States, using the size chart provided by the store. Also, for a more accurate way, use a measuring tape and measure both feet, use the measurement of the longer foot and look for the equivalent of your size in centimeters or inches.
  1. Make sure that the width of your feet corresponds to the width measures established for the footwear (Narrow, Medium or Wide).
  1. Add half size to sports shoes and winter boots.
  1. In the case of children, some stores like Amazon and Nordstrom have an effective guide to get the perfect size. It contains a template that you can print and measure both feet to the long and wide. Remember to measure the foot of your little ones every 3 to 4 months, since in this average time it is possible that it has increased half size and you must change the size of their footwear when ordering it.
  1. Read the information of the materials of manufacture; Texture, weight, color and other attributes of the product, allowing you to identify the quality you are looking for versus the price to pay. . Example: Leather is piel; Suede is gamusa.
  1. Read reviews from other buyers, the opinions of people who have previously bought it can help you make the decision.
  1. Make sure the store where you want to place your order has a reliable history.