Coupons and discount codes.. How do I use them?

One of the great advantages that the online shopping’s offer is the promo codes and the discounts that the stores give.

Here we offer you some tips of how to take the best of advantages out of them:gap-coupon-code

  • Checkout Codes vs. Promo Codes:

Checkout codes and promo codes are the discount codes that the stores create and the ones you’ll use at the time of your checkout and before you close your purchase. Some stores use the first term and others use the second code… but at the end it’s the same.

  • Welcoming Discounts:

Some stores (Piperlime, Gap, Overstock, and some others) offer you from a 10% up to a 15% off on your first purchase if you subscribe in their database to receive their communications. If you are buying for the first time on a online store, search for it on their homepage.

  • Birthday Discounts:

At the time of making your first online purchase always remember to fill in your birthday information. Stores such as Victoria’s Secret and Urban Outfitters will send you a discount code for your birth date day. It is almost always valid for one month… so don’t you lose the opportunity and use it on time!

  • Season Discounts

In USA online stores always offer deals on holidays or special seasons such as Labor Day, Independence Day (4th of July), Back to School, Halloween, Black Friday and some others. Always be alert to check the homepage where they will publish it with its promo code that you will have to use when finishing your purchase. If you have bought before in this store you will probably receive it through an email.

  • Discounts and Coupons pages:

Online you will be able to also find web pages that publish all the discounts and coupons published at the online stores that are recollected on catalogues or flyers. Some of them are: