Essential men’s items to pack for a cruise vacation.

Imagine yourself as the winner of our St. Valentines promotion and soon you’ll be packing for an exiting cruise to THe Bahamas with Norwegian Cruiseline.

Here we list you some items you MUST take with you and will be very helpful during your trip on the cruise.


  • Bathing suits: Your bathing suit is essential for this vacations on a cruise. The cruise counts with pools and water attractions that you won’t want to miss. In Blue Mint you could find bathing suits of every color, including solids and patterns. Here we give you two options, go online and look for your preference.


  • T-Shirts: Match your shorts, pants and bathing suits with comfortable t-shirts of different styles. Urban Outfitter has lots of options, from plain to graphic tees, long or short sleeves. You decide!

Urban 1

  • Shorts: When you’ve spent too much time into the water, and would want to dress with something more comfy, we recommend Banana Republic shorts, which come in different colors you can combine with your whole outfit.

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  • Flip Flops and Tennis: Remember that when you’re not on board and you’re being a tourist in the islands, you’ll probably have to walk a lot, so we recommend you pack your tennis without overthinking it. In the other hand, you can’t miss your flip-flops and sandals, which will be your allies on board. In Zappos you can find every type of shoe you’re looking for. 



  • Sunglasses: It’s impossible to leave behind your sunglasses when you’re going on a cruise. You’ll be exposed to the sun most of your time, so get yourself ones that make you feel comfortable, because you’ll be wearing them all the time. In JCrew there are some options that may call your attention. 
  • Sun Block: Don’t forget to take care of your skin in every moment! The sun is too damaging when you’re exposed at it for a many hours. Sun block may never be left behind. If you’re a person who likes to get a tan to look with a cute suntan, we recommend the Tanning Creme, which protects and burns you at the same time. Without doubts, you can find this in Amazon. amazon.comNordstrom
  • Caps or hats: In Nordstrom you can find hats and caps to protect yourself from the sun. Pick your style, whether it is plain or with pattern, and enjoy all the options they offer. 



  • Books: If you like to go on vacations to relax and have time for yourself, then some books will fit perfectly. Pick a book or take your kindle with you so you can swim into a whole new adventure while reading. If you don’t own a Kindle or a Tablet, you can find them in Walmart.
  • Camera: A camera can capture your best moments and will leave you the best memories, so that’s why it’s essential to carry one. It can be disposable so you can make a photo album, or it can be digital for saving them in your computer or a CD. What’s important is that you never miss a memorable moment. In Tiger Direct you can find every type, even waterproof!