Extra pounds at Easter? Yes!

Banner Blog Semana Santa 2014Gooooood Mooorninnng! Here comes Holly Week and this year we return with the promotion you liked so much! Remember the amazing Aeropaq hats? Then again you can have yours!

Bring everything you’re missing to complete your Holly Week bag or suitcase through Aeropaq, because if you accumulate 20lb courier between March 24 and April 17, you get an Aeropaq Limited Edition Hat. Take advantage of all the online stores offering great Holly Week specials!

As always, it’s very important for you to pay attention to base of the competition:

  1. The promotion starts on Monday, March 24th at 8am and ends on Thursday, April 17th at 2pm.
  2. Promotion valid on all terminals in Santo Domingo, Santiago and San Francisco: Piantini, Drive GO Thru, Arroyo Hondo, Bella Vista, Coral Mall, Unibe, Torre Orange, Bravo Churchull, Bravo Nuñez, Bravo Enriquillo, Santiago Los Jardines, Bravo Santiago and San Francisco de Macorís.
  3. This offer is valid for personal customers, current and future customers of Aeropaq Santo Domingo, Santiago and San Francisco and only applies to the Courier freight rate.
  4. Doesn’t apply to corporative customers and bills on credit.
  5. The award will only be handed to the account holder. The award is not transeferable.
  6. The client must keep the Aeropaq´s bills during the promo period. When he or she earns 20 courier pound can go to one of our Customer Service representatives in the Online Store or Puntos Paq counter, to show the bills with the 20 pounds earned. The Customer Service representative will deliver the price.
  7. Applies with other discounts.
  8. Winners will accept taking photos and recording videos and voice notes, as well as their publications with their name on the media and social networks of Aeropaq.
  9. Promotion not valid for Aeropaq’s staff.
  10. Promotion is valid while stocks last.