Friday, August 15th extended hours.

This Saturday, August 16th, our terminals will be closed due to the Restoration Day Holiday, but we want you to get all your wishes for the weekend, so on Friday August 15th we’ll be open on a special schedule from 8:00am through 10:00pm at the following Terminals:

  • Terminal Piantini, Víctor G. Puello #8.
  • Terminal Drive GO Thru, R. Pastoriza #407.Reloj Aeropaq
  • Terminal Arroyo Hondo, Camino Chiquito #152.
  • Terminal Bella Vista, R. Betancourt con Carmen Mendoza de Corniel.
  • Terminal Coral Mall, Zona Oriental.
  • Puntos Paq Bravo Santo Domingo.

The Santiago Los Jardines, Punto Paq Bravo Santiago, Torre Orange, UNIBE and UCE in San Pedro de Macorís will be working on their regular Schedule.