Healthy Week at Aeropaq

During the week from 14 to 18 July our HR department held ​​the Day of General Health with the contribution of Bio Vida y Trabajo team, launching the Integration and Employee’s Welfare program.

PIBE is focused on solutions to improve the nutrition, health and welfare of employees by providing evaluations and recommendations through various programs offered:

• Health Evaluation Day
• Weight Control Program
• Ecological Business Program
• Personal Image Workshop

During the day of health, a 100% personalized evaluation was performed on each employee with  high-tech equipment that threw a report of the health status of the person and the functioning of the most important organs in their body. According to that report, a recommendation was made of the change in the state of life and / or measures to be taken to improve the conditions.
In addition to the health assessment of each employee, short talks were held and taught by experts in different areas in order to achieve a new level of consciousness that will benefit the quality of life of its employees.