How do I get and send the invoice of my purchases?


It is important that we receive all your packages with the invoice of your purchase inside, this is required by the General Directorate of Customs to evidence the value of the purchase during its inspection. Here we will explain how you get the invoice and what you must do to send it.

  1. Locate the invoice.

To get the invoice at any store follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account and look for your Order History in the store you made the purchase.
  • Click on the order you just made and save the invoice. It can be a screen saved in jpg or png format, copy and past the text into a Word document or saving it in a PDF document. The important thing is that all information is displayed correctly.
  1. Pre-Check all of your packages.

Once the store notifies you the Tracking Number of the shipment of your purchase, make the Pre-Check In by accessing your Aeropaq account and filling in the requested data.

  • Transportista = USPS, Fedex, UPS, Lasership, etc.
  • Tracking = Tracking number of theshipmentprovidedbythecarrier.
  • EntregaEstimada = Estimated date on which the carrier will deliver.
  • Proveedor = Name of Store.
  • Valor USD = Total value of the invoice of your purchase.
  • Contenido = Description of the article (clothing, shoes, wallets, electronic, etc.)
  • Factura = Image of the invoice, Word document or pdf of the same.


  1. Post-Check In or Customs Declaration

When we receive the package without invoice you will receive an email letting you know it has an error. Send it to us through the Post – Check In following the instructions of this email.

Important! If you have relatives or friends who receive your packages through your account, you must pass this information to them and ask them to send you the invoices so that you can pre-check your packages.