How do I know it’s worth buying an item online? How to calculate the total value.

Calculadora de Tarifas AeropaqBuying online offers three main benefits: variety, quality and best prices. But often we doubt whether it is really worth it to buy on the internet just before closing the order.

An information that will help you get out of this doubt it is knowing the total value (price + pounds Aeropaq) of this item prior to purchase.

You can get the total value of an item that you buy online by using our rate calculator in our website. Here we explain step by step how to use it:

  1. Access the calculator on our homepage or home page by entering your AP (client code) and Aeropaq password.
  2. Enter the item weight in pounds. This information can be found at the product description of the and the data to be entered is the Shipping Weight, which is the weight of the shipment.
  3. In the second field, enter the item cost , which is the total value of the invoice (price + sales tax + shipping).d ) Select the type of service used : a) Parcel courier for packages 0-70 lbs.  b) Air Cargo packet 70 to 350 pounds.
  4. Click calculate….and done! In the box on the right have the freight value of that item you just calculated.