How do I make sure that it’ll fit me?

When buying clothing online, whether men, women, children and babies, we always have the doubt if we will fit well, if it is the right size, if the brand «runs small or large,» and a lot of questions that makes us feel insecure when closing a purchase.

Today I will share with you some tips that will be of much help when you’re buying those shoes that drives you crazy, or a man’s shirt for a gift or your children’s clothes. Use these tips so you can do it properly!



1. Size chart or Size Information

To find out if a garment will fit well always check the «size chart» of the brand or article that you’re about to buy and find your size. You can find:

  • Under the price

Size Chart 1

  • Or under the sizes.

Size Chart 2


2. Use measure tape

Please have a tape of those who use dressmakers, tailors and designers to take your measurements and compare them with the size chart when in doubt.

3. European, american and latin sizes. 

The nomenclature of the sizes may vary depending on the brand or the country of manufacture of the article. Be sure to pick yours carefully reading this correctly and looking for the equivalent of the one you’re familiarized with. The measure tape can also help you determine the size by taking your body’s measures.

Size Chart 3

4. Short, regular and tall

In some stores, sizes may vary depending on your height, that’s why theyre classified as short, regular or tall. These are other details you should keep in mind while purchasing your article.

  • Short or Petite: Women with a height of 5’4.
  • Tall: Women with a height of 5’9 or more.

5. Kids and babies

Clothes for the little ones in the house is very easy to buy as sizes go depending on the months or years the baby or child has.

  • Baby: newborns up to 24 months.
  • Toddler: From 2 to 5 years.
  • Kid: From 4 to 6 or 7 years.

You can also take into consideration the height and weight of the kid at the moment of choosing the size.

Size Chart Ninos


6. Shoes

When buying shoes online, always take into consideration the next tips:

  1. Search for your size in the size chart.
  2. As well as in the clothing’s, your shoes size may vary depending on the brand or the country’s origin. But they’ll always have something in common and it is your measures in centimeters and inches. When in doubt of which you should buy, take a measure tape and measure your foot in centimeters. Whit this measure, search for your equivalent in the size chart.