It shows when you make mom happy!

In the month of mother’s day celebration we reward the most original reason to give her a gift. It was difficult it was to choose among so many unusual gifts and real love notes!!

Here are the lucky ones who enjoyed dining at renowned restaurants The Dolcerie, Nipau and Clementine, and professional make up done by Jochy Campusano.

In Arroyo Hondo:

  1. Wendy Rudeke – Nipau (Fridge / portable heater: for a nursing mother, so she can go out on
    the weekends weekend for the first time since the birth of her baby) UUUYYYY!!!!.

In Piantini:

  1. Israelina Peña Molina – Clementine (Gift: A watch, so her mother can be more punctual!)
    HAHAHAH, very original!
  2. Yaniri Jimenez – La Dolcerie(Heating Pad: for muscle aches and rheumatoid his mother).

See! This is a glimpse of what you can order on the internet and bring through Aeropaq!