Looking for office outfits? Here our TOP 10 online stores

Are you looking for office clothing?  Here our TOP 10 online stores

One of the most frequent questions we receive is where can I buy office clothing, those basic elements, such as shirts, blouses, pants, skirts and dresses, for women.  That’s why I’ve created this list with my TOP 5 online stores, for both men and women.

One of the questions that most makes me is where I buy office clothes, those basic pieces such as shirts, blouses, pants, skirts and dresses in the case of women. It is for this reason that I have created this list of my TOP 5 stores in this line, both for women and men.

For women:

  1. Banana Republic – Gap: I declare myself as a fan of Gap and Banana Republic. Their clothing is super resistant and easy to combine with. All my pants are from GAP, my favorite style is “modern boots”, narrow over the knee and a little wider below it. I also like the “slim cropped” ones, styled with flats. https://bananarepublic.gap.com/ https://www.gap.com/

I am a fan of the basic shirts of Gap and Banana Republic, they are super durable and easy to combine. All my pants are from GAP, the styles I buy the most are the «modern boots», narrow over the knees and a little wide under them. I also use the «Slim cropped» with low shoes.

Banana Republic’s dresses are quite versatile, as said on magazines “from desk to cocktails”.

The dresses of Banana Republic are quite versatile, as they say in magazines «from desk to coctails».

  1. The Limited and LOFT: These stores are great for those with a classier style. Here you can find romantic-like blouses and dresses. thelimited.com loft.com

They are ideal for those who wear a more classic office style, here we can find blouses and dresses with romantic styles. thelimited.com www.loft.com

  1. Express: Here you can find more casual office outfits, plus the basic essentials. https://www.express.com/

Here you have a casual office style plus the basic pieces to combine. https://www.express.com/

For men:

Shirts, pants, suits and ties can be found on:

As for shirts, pants, suits and ties we have:

  1. Charles Tyrwhitt ctshirts.com
  2. Brook Brothers: brookbrothers.com
  3. East Dane eastdane.com


  1.  The Happy Socks can be found on: www.soxy.com
  2. Bracelets on: www.miansai.com