Meet the Amazon Prime service Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry is an exclusive service for Amazon’s Prime members that allows them to buy groceries, beverages, household supplies and personal care products in just one order. It’s an excellent opportunity to acquire brands that are not available in our country from the convenience of your home and bring them with Aeropaq. Introducing-Amazon-Prime-Pantry-recap-16-of-21

How does this service Works?

Buying in the Prime Pantry is very easy, just select the articles and you’ll see how the box will begin to fill up and it’s weight. You will have a huge variety of options to select as healthy and organics products, beverages, personal care and household supplies, baby products and also for your cats and dogs.

Each Pantry Box has a delivery cost of $5.99 and each one can contain up to 45 pounds or 4 cubic feet of products.

Don’t waste time and save money with the Prime Pantry Box!

Important Note: It is allowed to transport canned foods and perishables, the latter on the condition that they are always pre-checked. Meat of any kind and seeds to grow is not allowed.

Pantry Box