New Aeropaq Miami Address

For a more efficient delivery of packages and mail, the USPS has assigned to couriers a new delivery address, ours is:

8540 NW 66 ST
Miami, FL 33195-2698

Always remember to put your AP number in the second line of the address, like your apartment or suite number.

As you can see, the zip code has 9 numbers and it is essential that put all of them since the last 4 identify our warehouse in Miami.

Where should you change direction?

  • In the Shipping Address of the stores you shop online or send you magazines and correspondence.
  • In the Billing Address of the stores you shop online if you have registered on your credit card. The «billing address» is the address where the statement of your credit card arrives.
  • In the alternative address you have registered in the bank, your credit card or debit card.
  • In Paypal

How long you have to make the change?

You until september 30th to make the change.

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