Off-Road Duathlon

Dominican Triathlon Club is a sports non-profit organization dedicated to the training and participation of triathlon competitions both nationally and internationally.

“Off Road Duathlon” , which took place on July 7, 2013 in Higüero , had the support of Aeropaq ; company committed to developing sports in our country by developing organizations as » Dominican Triathlon » .

This event was the first of its kind. Were there 9kms running and 18kms of intense cycling were held.  The event included about 150 athletes, with the presence of about 700 people as spectators , supporters and family.

Aeropaq attended the awards with promotional materials of all kinds, among which are bundles of Gym, back packs, chuppys and Free Pounds Certificates for the first nine , second and third places off Road Duathlon, as well as discounts and extras to viewers of the same bonds.

Go Sports !