Online Shopping Payments… What do I need?

Visited your favorite online store, searched for the articles you needed, filled your shopping bag or your shopping car, now it’s time to pay…How do you do it? What options do you have? …  Here we leave the different payment methods that online stores have:

  1. Credit card/ International prepaid card
  2. Online payment platforms like Paypal and Google Walletonline payment

International Credit Card and/or Prepaid Cards

In both cases we recommend you to go to your bank and ask for a customer service personal who registers Aeropaq’s Miami address as an alternative address to your credit or debit international card.


PayPal is a fast and safe form of online shopping without sharing your cards data with the store. You pay in 2 clicks instead of introducing all your info in the payment. You can create a PayPal account for free by visiting .

  1. Make sure that the store accepts PayPal as a way of payment. Search for icon or logo in the options.
  2. Select PayPal
  3. Sign in or enter your PayPal account.  If you’re still not registered, introduce your data to create your account.
  4. Confirm your payment and done.

Google Wallet (Google Checkout)

Google Wallet is a payment platform as well as PayPal, it allows you to pay without sharing your cards data with the store. To access you must have a Gmail account. Once you’re at the Google Wallet homepage, you just got to register your card (debit or credit) in the «Payment Method» section and done.

How are you supposed to know if the store you’re buying at accepts this way of payment? As well as PayPal it’ll appear in the options the store gives you.

In Aeropaq we offer you another option! And it’s that if you don’t have a credit or debit card, in our OnlineStore we pay the total amount of your purchase with our credit card without charging commission. You only have to pay the total amount of your purchase in cash; it could be in American dollars or Dominican pesos.