Online shopping tips for a Picnic afternoon.

Nothing nicer than starting the year with outdoor activities enjoying all nature can offer us. A picnic is a different way to share an afternoon away from home with our family, friends or partner.

What do you need to carry it out?

The ideal is to bring utensils that make your outdoor experience as comfortable as possible and take ready-made meals that can be eaten by hand and without many complications.


Here we give you a list of the essentials you can find in online stores.

  • Basket: We recommend it to carry everything you eat or drink at your picnic.
  • Blanket or tablecloth to place on the floor and prevent our food from getting dirty.
  • Plastic or disposable plates and cutlery for greater comfort and easy transportation in the basket.
  • Napkins
  • Plastic cups or glasses for the drinks we are going to serve.
  • Ice cube with ice in case you want to drink a drink such as wine, beer or sparkling wine.
  • Cover to collect waste and garbage once the picnic ends.

In the following stores you can find these articles looking for them with these terms if the website is in English: picnic basket, picnic blanket, picnic decorations, plastic champagne glasses.

Create & Barrel
Pottery Barn
Party City

These are some basic tips for a picnic, however, you can do it themed and even play games and spend a different time enjoying nature. Have fun!