Pre-Check your packages!

  What is Pre-Check In?
This is nothing more than registering or notifying us the arrival of your packages to our warehouse in Miami once the store or supplier sends you the tracking number of the shipment. This way your package will arrive quicker and safer to your terminal since attaching the invoice prevents delays in your shipment in case the supplier does not include it.
How do you pre-check in your packages?
Follow these steps:
1. Log in to your account at
2. Click on the Pre Check-In tab.
3. In the option Carrier enter  the postal company that will deliver your package (USPS, DHL, UPS, FEDEX, etc.).
4. In the Tracking option enter the Tracking Number that was assigned to your package or shipment.
5. In Estimated Delivery enter the estimated date in which we will be receiving your package at our store in  Miami.
6. In Provider you place the name of the store or person who sends it.
7. In US Value: Enter the total value of the invoice (price + sales tax + shipping) of the purchase or merchandise that we will receive.
8. In Content write a brief description of what your package contains (clothing, shoes, cell phone, laptop, perfume, etc.).
9. Invoice: Attach the invoice of the purchase. (Maximum file size allowed 1MB)
10. Click the «Send Data» button