Pre-Check your packages and the freight is on the house!


Would you like to go to Aeropaq someday and find out your freight is free? Well, with this promotion it can be possible!

Pre-Check in every package and you can win the freight for free.

To participate you just have to do the Pre Check-in on our website, attaching the correspondent bill to its purchase and you will automatically participate in the weekly draw of 5 free freights.

If you still don’t know how to do the Pre-Check in click here.

Now you know… Let’s Pre Check-In and win!!



Promotion Bases

  1. Discount valid on the freight courier fee. ITBIS, Tax DGA, Fuel Surcharge, Airport Fee and insurance not included.
  2. The winners will be selected automatically and randomly. Every week there will be 5 pre-checked packages and every Saturday the 100% discount will be applied to those packages. The winners will receive a notification mail.
  3. The mail must be printed out by the client and delivered to the client’s service personal that will be attending when the package is retired.
  4. The representative will retain the printed mail and will send it to the Marketing Department as a signal that this prize was applied.
  5. The promotion starts con Monday April 6th 2015 at 8:00AM and ends on Saturday May 30th at 2:00PM.
  6. This promotion is valid in all our Santo Domingo, Santiago, San Pedro de Macorís and San Francisco de Macorís terminals: Piantini, Drive GO Thru, Arroyo Hondo, Bella Vista, Corall Mall, Unibe, Torre Orange, Bravo Churchill, Bravo Nuñez, Bravo Enriquillo, Santiago Los Jardines, Bravo Santiago, UCE y San Francisco.
  7. Valid for personal and corporative clients, actuals and future from Aeropaq in Santo Domingo, Santiago, San Pedro de Macorís y San Francisco de Macoris.
  8. Applies to all pre checked packages in the date of the promotion.
  9. It’s obligatory to attach the bill so the package can be considered as pre check-in.
  10. The client accepts that all the data presented in the Pre check-in are true and the attached bill is the one received from the supplier, without any changes or alterations to the paid value of the bought article. In case of presenting an altered bull, the client will be the only one responsible in front of the Dirección General de Aduanas (DGA)
  11. The attached bill in the Pre check-in will be valid for package’s returning or repositions in case of a claim made by the client.
  12. Does not apply with other discounts.
  13. Maximum time to retire the package with the 100% discount shipping is 3 months.
  14. No responsibility: Neither Aeropaq nor their publicity agencies, promotions or public relations will be responsible for damages, accidents or losses (direct, indirect or consequent) that can suffer the winner, their guest or any person using or enjoying the prize. The entire obligation with the Aeropaq’s prize winner will cease when the prize is delivered.
  15. Image License: When participating in this promotion and accepting one of the prizes, the winner entitles Aeropaq, their publicity agencies, promotions and public relations the right to use his name, voice and image, personal presentation and photo to announce and show the winner in the social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the webpage without receiving any additional compensation.
  16. Aeropaq could cancel this contest, change the rules or start and end date for causes out of their control.