Shopping Tips for Black Friday

Black Friday is right on the corner! I’ve seen stores like Amazon and Walmart have started to warm up the engine and let us see a few discounts, but on Friday, November 28th is the big day! There are so many discounts that may be even a little stuffy, so here I leave you with some tips to help you maximize your budget and no Christmas present left behind to buy on the last minute.paper price tag for black friday

1. Make a list.

Like children make Santa’s list, make a list of items and gifts you need to buy.

2. Begin to fill your shopping cart right now.

Do not wait for Black Friday! Go to your favorite store and fill the shopping cart, so when the day comes you’ll see how big the discount is.

3. Purchase from 12:00am

If you are awake the night of Thursday 28, turn on your tablet, computer or cell phone at 12:00am, some stores release limited offers at that time.

4. Compare prices with Price Grabber

Price Grabber is a site that will compare the prices of the same item in several stores, by using it you’ll be sure that you’ll be buying at the best price!

5. There’s always Cyber Monday

If you missed the Black Friday specials that weekend, keep the calm, Monday, December 1st is Cyber Monday and the specials are the same or better!