Shopping tips on Ebay

Like Amazon, eBay is a very popular store among online buyers, due to the wide variety of items that you can find. From clothing, shoes and accessories to vehicle parts that are not available in the country.

Shopping at this store has its tricks, which will share so you can buy whatever you safely.ebay3

  1. Select the language you prefer: Ebay is available in English and Spanish. You can select the one you feel more comfortable changing on the top right side of the web page.
  1.  Use the search bar:  Like Amazon, on Ebay you can find the item you want to buy by category (clothing, shoes, electronics, car parts, etc.) with a search bar. It’s located just to the right of the logo. You can also look at the conditions you need the article:
    • New or Used
    • Free Shipping
    • A seller in the United States.
  1. Select how you will buy it: Once you find the item you are looking for you have three options of how to buy:
    • Buy it now: When you have the article click on the «Buy It Now» option right next to the price and above the «Add to cart» option. Review the order details and click «Confirm to buy» to finalize the purchase. Enter shipping information (Shipping Information – Aeropaq address in Miami + your number of AP) and connect to PayPal to complete.
    • Place a Bid: Enter the maximum price you are willing to pay for the item. If other buyers also bid on it, the page will automatically increase your bid. You should check the auction periodically, if at the end you are highest bidder you win the auction. At the end you should only make payment.
    • Make an offer: You can also make an offer to the seller if it has this option. Click «Make an offer» option and enter your bid. If you want to write a note to seller select «Add your note». Review your offer and click on «Submit offer». The seller can accept or reject it. If is accepted, you must pay for the item (except those who are within the categories Computers, Tablets & Networking, Jewelry & Watches, Art).
  1. Check the Seller’s ratings: After selecting the item you want to buy in the column next to the price is the seller’s information. Always choose one that has a 98% to 100% positive feedback.
  1. Ebay Deals: Whenever you enter to eBay to make a purchase, in the first column on the left of the electronics homepage you will find the daily deals (tablets, digital cameras, cellphones, etc.) with up to 50% off their regular price.