Should I buy a new or used item?

Many times we are looking for an electronic device, book, music or film collection and we find several buying options depending on its use condition. Sometimes there’s  a big difference in the price of a new vs used item and we hesitate  because we don’t know if it will be worth buying «used like new«, «refurbished» … Refurbished? What is that?

Here we leave you a small glossary with the definition of these terms and what they really mean or what’s the condition of use of the item you want to buy.

  • Open Box

These are new items that have been on display or have been returned to the store or seller without being used.

  • Factory Reconditioned

Item was returned, inspected and restored to fully working condition by the original manufacturer or a certified partner. And the original manufacturer stands behind it with a warranty. It’s close to new as you can get without technically being “new”

  • Refurbished

Refurbished covers everything from buyer´s remorse returns and products whose defects have been repaired by the pros to damaged packaging and discontinued items. If you can accept their checkered past, refurbs have a lot of love to give.

  • Used Good- Used Very Good – Used Like New

With these descriptions we can find items that have been used and are in good condition [Very Good]; items used in very good condition [Used Very Good] and used like-new [Used Like New].

In some stores, with these terms, you can get items that have been returned by the purchaser if the same has the option to do so if not satisfied with it for x or y reason. At Amazon, for example, books are sold by third parties in such conditions saving you up to 30% of the original price. If you decide to buy them, always try to select the vendor is Amazon Warehouse Deals.

So, is it worth buying an item with these conditions? Yup! Considering always what the occasion or the use you give to it.