The Braven-BRV1: more than a gadget

Today we would like to recommend a brilliant gadget for all types of adventurers. Personally, we wouldn’t dream of embarking on one of our adventures without bringing a Bluetooth-enabled device to help make the journey all the more pleasant. On this occasion we brought along a device that brought more rhythm to our trip and made our nights all the more lyrical.
The market is saturated with various types of Bluetooth wireless speakers, but not many of them are sturdy enough to take to the great outdoors.


The Braven BRV-1 has been designed to be your ever-faithful travel companion.
Its sophisticated engineering gives it the ability to withstand a beating as no conventional device in its class.
Shock resistant and waterproof, it has the capacity of being underwater for several minutes, without it being submerged.
The long battery life is enough for two to three and a half hours of music reproduction, depending on the audio level.

For a device of its size, it’s got a high volume output, rendering far better high bass sounds than imagined.


If that weren’t enough, these wireless speakers are equipped with an USB input for charging any type of devices, taking the function of an auxiliary power source.
It also integrates a MIC-IN, as well as an AC input for charging and using it connected to a wall outlet.

Order it from and ship it with Aeropaq, both known for quality customer service and low prices.

Shenda Medina
Blogger / Andariego