The Mesmerizing World of the Online Subscription Stores

Subscription stores keep on conquering the markets due to their surprise effect and the vast variety of products and brands that they provide. Besides that, monthly you receive samples of products according to your preferences and needs.

These subscription boxes and bags have an estimated monthly cost that goes from US$5 to US$30, including collaborations with famous brands of the industry.

With these stores, being updated on the latest products trends is a whole new experience.

We’ve prepared a list with some subscription stores that you’ll love:




  • Say it with a Sock: Monthly socks of different colors, shapes and styles, for men, women and kids for US$11.00
  • Get Basic: Basic everyday clothing for men (socks, t-shirts, underwear) for US$19.99


Self-care and Beauty

**All beauty boxes focus on makeup and/or self-care products.


Tip: It’s important to read all the components of the makeup, food, etc. and verify if they can be transported by airlines, since some products could have restrictions or the need of being transported in a special package.