TIPS for a secure internet shopping

People always have doubts about internet shopping, often questions they ask “is it save to my credit card data on the store page” or “is this page a secure web?”

There are some security tips we can put on practice for a safer experience on internet shopping:

  1. When you create your profile on the store page, NEVER save your password on the navigator. There are pages that gives you the option to buy as a guest (Check Out as Guest) if you don’t want to register yourself on the page.
  2. check out as guestSay NO to open WI-FI and use a safe internet connection.
  3. Check if your Laptop or PC has an antivirus.
  4. Look for the security certificate. NOTICE if the transactional page marks HTTPS.
  5. DON’T shop on unknown pages that have bad reviews. Check our list of recommended pages on the Store section.
  6. SHUT DOWN internet banners or pop-ups that jump into your screen.
  7. If you leave your credit card registered in the online store, avoid saving your log in password.
  8. NEVER use the same password for the log in every webpage (stores, social media, email, etc.)
  9. KEEP AN EYE on our account movements and constantly check our credit card balance.

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