Travel Lightweight with these 5 articles

Every time there are more travel restrictions related to luggage weight, and this is often translated as stress when packing. Here we share with you some items that we know are a must and that could save you space and weight on your next trip.

  1. Light Suitcases: It’s important own a suitcase that weighs 5 pounds or less, in order to have more freedom when packing. The “It Luggage” it’s by far the number one on all rankings, because it weighs 4.9 pounds! You can find it on Amazon:
  2. BabyByliss PRO Hair Dryer: This blow dryer has the functionality of voltage change (110 or 220) depending the country your visiting, without the need of a converter. The best part, is that it’s only 20 cm wide. It’s on Amazon for $32.99
  3. Plastic containers with transparent case: For those carry on only travelers, there are specific limitations on the size of the liquid containers they can transport; that’s why we recommend this case with flexible containers on a spill free transparent plastic bag. Besides that, it is also approved by the TSA. It can be found on Amazon for $12.99:
  4. Adapter for USA, UK and EU: This gadget is perfect for charging electronic devices such as cellphones, tablets and laptops, in receptacles in the United States, Europe and England. For only $ 9.88 in OWC
  5. Portable Balance: This is the perfect tool to avoid that uncomfortable item shifting, from carry on to main luggage and vice versa, at the airport counter. Tarriss Jetsetter has a capacity up to 110 pounds.