USPS deliveries

When one makes an online purchase and selects Standard Shipping as their preferred delivery method, most merchants rely upon the United States Postal Service (U.S. Mail) to deliver your package(s). USPS provides a tracking number in such a circumstance.USPS Logo

In certain cases when the package(s) status is marked as delivered, it is important that you realize this does not always mean the item(s) arrived at our Miami office; this is so because the post office processes the package as “delivered” when it departs from its warehouse, and being delivered within three or more business days.

A supplier may also chose to ship an item using UPS or FedEx as their shipping partner, but final delivery may be made via USPS.

Unlike FedEx, DHL, UPS and other carriers, USPS does not require a signature as proof of delivery making it the more likely that a package be misdelivered, or re-routed to Aeropaq’s office during non-business hours.

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