We have Mommy, Grandma, godmother, aunt…


Promo Madres Aeropaq 2014 - Blog

The Mother’s Day month is just around the corner and since now we recommend you start to searching for the your moms, grandmas, aunts, or sisters gift …or  whoever you are going to give away our promotion this year is designed to Lovely prizes them!

¿How do you participate? ¡Easy!

Submit your Aeropaq bills of at least 5 pounds in the urn of your Terminal to win:

  • Hand & Foot Spas Gift certificates in The Nail Bar in Santo Domingo and in Beia, Santiago.
  • Make up Gift Certificates by Jochy Campusano.
  • Make up brush set.
  • Bonus of 5 free Aeropaq pounds.

And a big prize of:

  • 1 free subscription + 20 sessions with a personal trainer in GFit of Santo Domingo.
  • 1 free membership for three months on Biofit of Santiago.

So now you know take advantage of these and buy her the gift she deserves!

Bases of the promotion:

  1. There will be a urn in each Aeropaq terminal.
  2. The client should deposit his Aeropaq bill of at least 5lb at the urn of his terminal.
  3. The dates to deposit their bills are April 22nd to May 22 at 8pm.
  4. Only bills with dates between April 22nd and May 22nd will be accepted.
  5. This promotion is valid for actual and future clients of Aeropaq in the Santo Domingo and Santiago terminals.
  6. Only valid for personal and corporative accounts in the Courier service and cash payments.
  7. This promotion will run from April 22nd until May 22nd, 2014.
  8. Applies only to the Courier service and Courier Hazmat (excluding Air Freight, Air Freight and Express).
  9. This promotion applies with other discounts, and special rates.
  10. Do not apply on credit bills.
  11. The draw will take place on Friday, May 23rd, 2014 and the awards will be announced by the Aeropaq’s social networks that day and winners will be contacted by telephone.
  12. The prizes will be delivered only to the account holder at the terminal where it is registered.
  13. If selected a winner whose bill is less than 5 pounds, it will be discarded and we will select another winner that meets this requirement.
  14. The winner will have a period of 1 month to collect their prize. In the case of certificates, will have one month to make use of them.
  15. The winners will accept to take photos and recording image and voice, as well as their publication with their name on the media and social networks of Aeropaq.
  16. Aeropaq’s employees won’t be able to participate on this promotion.