Wednesday, September 24th extended hours

This Wednesday, September 24th, we’ll be open on a special schedule from 8:00am through 12:00pm  due to the Día de las Mercedes Holiday on the following Terminals:

  • Terminal Piantini, Víctor G. Puello #8.Reloj Aeropaq
  • Terminal Drive GO Thru, R. Pastoriza #407.
  • Terminal Arroyo Hondo, Camino Chiquito #152.
  • Terminal Bella Vista, Av. R. Betancourt con Carmen Mendoza de Corniel.
  • Terminal Coral Mall, Zona Oriental.
  • Puntos Paq Bravo Santo Domingo.

On the other hand, the following will be closed.

  • Torre Orange.
  • UNIBE.
  • UCE.
  • Terminal Santiago Los Jardines.
  • Punto Paq Bravo Santiago.
  • San Francisco.