Why the prices are in pesos, not dollars?

You may have noticed that in some online stores show the prices of their items in Dominican pesos and not dollars, this is because the web page detects that you’re accessing it from the Dominican Republic.gold-dollar-sign

When this happens, we do not see all the offers that the store really has. Here we give you some recommendations and settings that you should make before buying:

  1. Select USA as shipping option

Some pages have a pop up banner will pop up from which you access them saying «Shipping to Dominican Republic». You can change the country by clicking on the question «Not sending to Dominican Republic?»


  1. Change the currency to Dominican pesos

After changing the shipping address to the United States, you must do it on the currency exchange from Dominican pesos (RD $) to US Dollars (US $). Sometimes, these web pages have a higher exchange than the local bank of your card. By making this change you can save more

  1. Change the page language to English.

If you feel comfortable with this language change it to English. If you prefer to leave it in Spanish make sure you have done the changes mentioned in step 1 and 2.